The Shrinking Horizon of Our Consciousness

We have externalised our interior world. Whims, inspirations, ideas… are no longer like chocolate that we savour as they melt away. Instead, we tap out commands with expectations of delight.

Notice the fence on the left of both images. The zone to the right of the fence could be thought of as our World-view, the limits of our consciousness.

In the top register play, creativity, and variety of activities involving human interaction expands our creative consciousness to its ‘limits’.

In the bottom register, play, creativity, and diversity have been usurped by technology; human interaction has been displaced by subservience to the machine. And the human world-view has severely contracted away from the limits of our creative consciousness.

Our internal creative inspirations have been displaced by the smartphone, but no human development can arise from the severely abbreviated world-view that revolves around it.