The fragrance of Burley Tobacco is very sweet…

All tobacco lover Star Tobacco presents genuine tobacco product with various range. For all the ReconstitutedTobacco lover, Star tobacco present ReconstitutedTobacco which also known as recon that is made by the pulp of mashed tobacco stem and another tobacco leaf which go to waste. It is the most modern cigarette which made by recycling process.

Star tobacco work on office based global platform and have offices in South Africa, Europe, Indonesia, Malawi, Hong Kong and turkey. We work hard for on our services so that we provide good quality product to our customer. We also took care of our tobacco former sustainability.

Star tobacco present various range of product:-

1. Flue-cured Virginia tobacco
 Nicotine contains 1 to 4% and sugar 4 to 25%

2. Dark air cured Virginia tobacco

3. Dark fired cured Virginia tobacco

4. Burley tobacco

Nicotine’s Range (1 to 4%)

Oriental tobacco

Izmir base

Nicotine contains 0.90 sugar 16.50 and chloride 0.50

Nicotine contains 1.86 sugar 10.18 and chloride 1.10

Dubek Samsun

Nicotine contains 1.2–1.3 sugar 12–13.50 and chloride 0.90

Nicotine contains 1.35sugar 6 and chloride 0.60

Yaka Prilep

Nicotine contains 0.75–1 sugar 10–15 and chloride 0.50

Nicotine contains 0.63sugar 10.49 and chloride 1.20

Krumovgrad east tobacco

Nicotine contains 0.80–1.20 sugar 12–16.50 and chloride 0.75

Nicotine contains 0.57sugar 4.8–23.05 and chloride 0.25–0.65

5. Tobacco derivatives

Tobacco stem -diet (Dry ice Expanded tobacco)

Cres (cut rolled expanded stem) — Recon ( reconstituted tobacco paper process )


RYO (Roll your own)/ MYO (make your own)

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