Drinks, dreams, and damnation

I had a dream early Wednesday morning about the company. It was in the future, where we no longer just had 30+ employees, but were hiring 30 people at a time, in batches.

When I tried to find my desk, I was told that we were out of space and that my desk had to be moved outside. I chalked it up to the incompetence of HR and expressed my grievances. The CEO offered to come with me and check out the new desk and surroundings (with a glass of wine in hand).

We went out there and found a generator and an old dilapidated school bus being retrofitted into a food truck. This was to be my new area. And my CEO began to exalt the new space, expounding on how perfect it was for me. All the while, he was turning physically grotesque and obese, while simultaneously guiding me through a melange of strange tunnels filled with colors and imagery, much like the tunnel scene in Willy Wonka.

I told him and a few other co-workers about this dream the next day (though in not so much detail, and probably in a more flattering way) to their entertainment. To be honest, I was happy that I was able to find something interesting to share with them, rather than the hum-drum chit chat we may normally engage in.

There is a girl at work that I have been talking to with increased frequency. I feel attracted to her and she has been giving off slight signals.

On Thursday we had a company celebration and I ended up sitting across from her at dinner, where plenty of wine was served.

I came to know a little bit about her during that dinner. That she may be more sexually active than I thought. That she is quite experienced in the dating scene. And that she might be playing me, albeit in the most gentle way if I should give her any credit.

A group of us went to the bar afterwards, where by some lucky accident, she accepted a drink that I had meant to buy for someone else (a co-worker who was leaving the company soon).

Eventually, I nudged her and said, “you know, technically, I just bought you a drink,” and smiled coolly (I think). She laughed and returned a gleaming face of happy while reacting logically, asking if she should return the favor. And, keeping my smile, I said no, over and over again, for all of the stupid questions she threw at me until she finally got the message, and began to engage me in conversation.

We talked and after a while, she thought out loud, “I don’t know if I should get another drink.” I didn’t want to say anything, for fear of seeming eager. She looked to one of my co-workers, and I winked at him. Something seemed humorous about all of what was happening.

She finally decided yes, and offered to buy me a drink again. I denied but offered to join her at the bar, and she obliged.

At the bar, we had some mild chit-chat about drinks we had or were going to get. It wasn’t long before I made out with it.

“So, I wanted to ask you out on a date,” I told her smilingly and assumed the position in preparation for what would come back.

It took a second for it to hit her, until she started laughing and let out a slight ‘wow’ before coming up with a response.

She doesn’t like to mix her social life with work, and considers it a dangerous thing to do.

I agreed in a most knee-jerk manner, and told her that I try to do the same, even though I failed to explain the paradoxical implications of this. We ended the conversation amicably, and returned to the table.

The night ended soon enough, and we all went our separate ways. Friday was a mess of a day — most of us were hungover. And the coworker we had farewell drinks for didn’t come in until 4PM because he was too sick from all the heavy drinking we made him go through.

I barely saw her, and haven’t talked to her since Thursday.