Get mini animated explainer for free in a 3 slot giveaway!

Hi folks, my name is Jan and I run explainer production company Jaku Media. This offer is /r/startups exclusive. To be transparent … although it is for free, I am doing this as promotion and hope to spice things up a little bit and get some new business out of this. Also because I haven’t done any shortform animation yet, only fullblown explainers and would like something like this in my portfolio to sell it to new clients. Working for free also allows me to work more creatively and potentially figure out new solutions. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way.

I will choose 3 startups and create anything 3–15 sec short, no sound or voiceover. This could be logo animation with short summary of the product, one specific feature explanation or demo of specific part of your product. Perfect example is this great animated snippet by Baremetrics — As you can see this soundless short form of animation makes lot of sense for twitter, other social media or even as moving part of your website page.

Part of the deal will be that when the animation is finished, you will post a mention about it on your LinkedIn/Twitter. For that reason, in addition to your product, I will also consider your social media profiles. It also goes without saying that I will prefer startups that just seem to have a good product and great people behind them and working with them would be a cool experience for me.

If you have connections, but not much money to spare and want to try something new without a financial commitment, then this offer is for you.

Please email me applications to Include a link to your website and social profiles of key people involved (that would post the mention). Please name the subject of the email as following “reddit animation for [my company name]”.

I am not putting any time limit on it. I will wait until I see a great fit and whenever I choose someone, I will post it here in EDIT, until I fill in all the 3 slots.

Now let’s make some cool stuff together!

Submitted April 19, 2016 at 01:38PM by Johny-115
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