What is the Nigeria Startup Bill?

The Nigeria Startup Bill

Why is the Bill important for Nigeria’s startup ecosystem?

What are we doing differently with the Bill?

What next with the Nigeria Startup Bill?

  • Harmonise existing laws/regulation and feed inputs to legal framework from key ecosystem leaders (MDAs, States, Networks).
  • Ecosystem leaders and representatives review the first draft as well as the Presidential Working Group composed of MDA decision-makers critical to implementing components of the bill.
  • Presidential Announcement and Town Hall meetings take place for public consultation and validation of the second draft of the bill with ecosystem stakeholders at the state level in all geopolitical zones.
  • Drafting teams take all the inputs and make revisions to feed into the final bill.
  • Bill is submitted to the President who then submits Executive Bill to the National Assembly.



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The Nigeria Startup Act

The Nigeria Startup Act


The NSA is a joint initiative by Nigeria’s tech ecosystem and the Presidency to harness the potential of our digital economy through co-created regulations.