5,918 days of Startup Alliance Home Pages

Since we’re building a global entrepreneurs community, we thought reading these screen grabs is a great way to help you understand our roots. All screen grabs taken from the Wayback Machine except for the last one, taken from the live site today (9/5/17.)

December 12, 2001. The oldest entry in Wayback Machine. We were doing monthly events in Seattle back then.
February 10, 2003. We were trying some new programs to help entrepreneurs.
April 3, 2005. No f2f events. John was on a yearlong sailing sabbatical. WOOT!
September 21, 2012. This SA Meetup event in Palo Alto was very well received. Love the comments!
February, 14, 2012. The SA site didn’t get much attention. Notice the event notification was still up 3 months later. :-(
December 18, 2017. Proudly powered by WordPress. Fun times.
October 30, 2015. The SA Meetup group was never super active.
October 14, 2016. This is the most recent entry in Wayback Machine. Can’t blame them for not scraping often.
September 5, 2017. Screen grab of the StartupAlliance.com home page as it exists today.

We’re probably going to shut down the Startup Alliance Meetup Group before long and put all our energy into the online platform. When that link in the sentence above goes dead, you’ll know why. Then hopefully, check out StartupAlliance.com. You might find it interesting to see what the home page looks when you do!