6 Signs You Might Be a PIG (Persona IGnoramus)

per·so·na ig·no·ra·mus
A person of ignorance, especially one who holds himself or herself out to be a professional. A PIG, or one who behaves piggish.

Chances are you are a decent human being in-person, but for some inexplicable reason, you take on a less civil persona online. You post really stupid things, which for some even more inexplicable reason, you think are funny or clever. Sometimes your anger, frustration, and prejudices get the better of you. Without thinking about the consequences to your professional reputation, you start posting or sharing things that have no place in a professional forum, or for that matter, no place in civil discourse in any forum.

You might be a PIG if:

1. You post things like this:

Really? You need an explanation as to why this isn’t appropriate on a professional forum?

2. You Like or Share posts of a similar nature posted by others, thereby encouraging and perpetuating piggish behavior.

3. You rant and rave about political, religious and social issues on professional forums. You just can’t seem to confine these type posts to Twitter or Facebook — your entire professional network needs to see them as well.

4. You feel emboldened by the hate speech and disparaging memes of other PIGs, which reinforces your own narrow view of the world. Happy to have like-minded company, you feel empowered to amplify these views among everyone you know.

5. When browsing the people your professional forum suggests you might know and should connect with, you notice people whom you thought were already in your network. Unbeknownst to you, they removed you as one of their connections. Why? Because you’re a PIG and they have better things to do with their day than read the crap you clutter their feed with.

6. You’re incensed about this post — that someone would call you out on your piggish behavior. After all, it’s a free country, you can say whatever you want. And so can I. You’re a PIG.

If you’re still with me here, congrats, you’re probably not a PIG. A true persona IGnoramus would not have gotten this far. They immediately tune out opinions and beliefs that disagree with their own. You probably know a few. It’s time to start calling these people out on their piggish behavior. Banish them from your professional network. When you see it in your feed, simply post a link to this article. I’m happy to be the bad guy. Maybe some will get the message.

What distinguishes true professionals is their ability to debate and disagree and enlighten in a constructive manner. Piggish behavior is ignorant. Let’s elevate each other and advance each other’s professional development. Let’s keep it civil…and professional.