by César Martins

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It was in 2017 that, after a conversation between friends, the business idea that origined ChemiTek came up. The problem created by the dirt on solar panels and the fact that they then could not produce energy with the same efficiency deserved further consideration and the design of a solution that is already on the market.

The conversation led me to explore the nanotechnology universe to see how it could solve the problem. Shortly thereafter, I was able to find the right formula, in this case in a liquid version.

With the solution to the problem on…

by Ana Daniela Pereira

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In an increasingly digital world where social networks have far more preponderance and concepts like that of influencers gain preponderance, it is important to refine PR strategies taking into account this “brave new world”.

If before the social media boom, the influencers were the celebrities who came into our day-to-day life without we even realizing it, with the proliferation of digital, we see the phenomenon in which perfectly unknown faces emerge and become a reference.

For a long time, brands dreamt of the moment when a Hollywood star promoted them, whether it was in a red…

by lot’s of people

[Important Note: There is a high probability that Filipa will either not like this content or love it very much.]

Today we say “see you” to Filipa!

Our favourite program manager is packing her bags and saying goodbye to our team today. As a woman of great challenges, she leaves the Startup Braga team, but not our community.

She never lost herself, not her will to make things happen. In the last year and six months, Filipa has been at the forefront of several projects, conquering each person with her own way of being. Therefore, we decided (behind her back), to gather some…

by Miguel Rangel (CFO Invisible Cloud)

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Approved in May 2016, the GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation — is an European regulation aimed at a total disclose of how, where and when the personal data collected is processed. The companies were granted 24 months to implement and/or adapt mechanisms to allow full compliance with the regulation.

Some of these mechanisms are more or less obvious, such as obtaining the express consent of the data’s subject for it to be used in communication campaigns — optin — , or to give, in any and all communication, the possibility of the recipient…

by Ana Daniela Pereira

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Video. Image. Video. Video. Video. Video. Image.

This is the summary of a trip I just took to my news feed on Facebook. The trip to Instagram’s feed got very similar results.

We all know that images are worth more than a 1000 words. And that the algorithm that governs social media prefers content with images. And, nowadays, this same algorithm prefers content with motion to static images.

But do we all know how to use video as a marketing tool?

It is increasingly common to hear the big word “videomarketing” associated with the digital phenomenon. But do we really know the true meaning of videomarketing?

Disregard those who…

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We all know that the experiences of some can be valuable to the actions of others.

Startups are not indifferent to this phenomenon as the initial difficulties of one may be the key to others.

With this in mind and having in consideration that we have now in our community scale ups and more experienced startups, we decided to bring in our alumni for the 6th edition of our Acceleration Program to potentiate P2P learning opportunities, to foster the sense of belonging to a community that gives back.

In a conversation about metrics and KPIs, Guilherme (ISSHO), Pedro (Nutrium), Hugo…

Who, how and where to place your message.

Starting a company is difficult enough with all the bureaucracies, team needs and everything in between, but nowadays, with Social Media it’s very important to have a cohesive online presence. But how can you do this and where should you start?

I’m giving you 3 tips to start a content strategy that will be easy to follow when your company grows. …

and what to expect of its 6th edition.

Last Thursday (February 7th) we had our 6th Acceleration Program kick-off, that counted with 150 mentors, alumni and corporate friends. During the Kick-Off, the attendees got the chance to meet the 12 new selected startups, saw what they’re trying to achieve and assessed how they can help them reach those goals.

This was the 6th Kick-Off of Startup Braga’s existence, however, the effort our startups and community put into it, still managed to surprise us. …

by André Santos

(This post was originally written for Nutrium’s blog)

More than 3 years have gone by since we first coded Nutrium, but it feels more like that just yesterday, 4 college students dreamt that their idea would reach the dimension of today…

It all started with a bad experience at the dietitian. After a weight loss appointment and an attempt to have a healthier lifestyle, André Santos, CEO of Nutrium did no adapt well to this change and couldn’t easily reach his dietitian, gradually started to get demotivated and ignored his recommendations completely.

André then became more determined…

by Mariana Machado

When I was asked to come to Startup Braga and manage its communication, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I’m not really a “people person” and I usually come across as cold and uninterested, when I’m actually just not very good at meeting new people.

After a few weeks considering this opportunity, I decided to take a leap of faith and accept it. I was tired of being in my comfort zone and I thought this could be the perfect challenge for me at that specific time in my life so I gathered all the courage…

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