This article was originally published in May 2016. I am re-posting it here without alteration. See how the mainstream China narrative has evolved since and follow me on Twitter @startupdaemon.

The trend is your friend, but all trends come to an end. China’s resurgence is no exception to this time-tested maxim. Rising powers tend to get mired in multi-decade crises, often never to re-emerge. Such is the nature of the world and of human hubris. Yet, the consensus — including much of China’s own political and intellectual elite — gleefully extrapolates from the country’s meteoric rise. Just about everyone appears…

The culture is dead because culture thrives on connection.

When connection dies, so does culture.

The dominant technology of post-industrial societies has become expert at one thing – enabling the atomization of the individual. This enabling has become their undoing.

The culture has come apart. It has crumbled into brokenness. It has died, if only a few see that.

The heart of every civilization is the city. The city is created in opposition to nature and uncivilized societies. Tribal societies are embedded in and subject to nature. …


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