Startup Founders of the Day — Ep. 6

Today’s Startup Founders of the Day are Camilla Carrapatoso and May Ireland, Co-Founders of BETA100

Camilla Carrapatoso (Left) and May Ireland (Right)

Camilla is a serial problem solver, a highly caffeinated founder and head of an investor relations department at a Brazilian digital investment bank.

Her professional background is filled with fancy financial products and department acronyms, as she worked at major private banks in Brazil such as Itaú, Bradesco and HSBC Brazil. She found herself continuously seeking answers to the most pressing questions — whether it was figuring out the next strategic product to be added to a credit company’s portfolio or building an alternative platform to make assisted reproduction treatments accessible to a higher number of women. Her superpower has always been being able to quickly identify a possible strategic solution.

Everything changed in September 2021 when she joined a venture builder. During the program’s induction week, she met her Co-Founder, May Ireland. May has had a long career helping, strategizing, coaching, and collaborating with others. Her passion is people, especially helping people bring their ideas to life.

Camilla and May found that they were trying to solve the same problems, but from different perspectives. They realized it would only be fair to give it a go and try to build something together.

The rest is history — yet a very short one, so far

About BETA100

Camilla and May are getting ready to launch a platform that aims to level the playing field between founders and people around their table — the people we are calling BETAs, aka the unsung heroes of major tech companies. In essence, helping them start-up.

Many startup employees, in essence, have all worked pro-bono, even if not officially. Let’s face it– not all of us were paid for the time and work invested into projects, whether it be a friend or a stranger’s project. It’s about time these unsung heroes are acknowledged for their sacrifice and efforts in building these startups. That’s the DNA of BETA100.

BETA100 allows startups to post projects they need done, along with deadlines and compensation. Workers can then bid on projects and be compensated with equity. Instead of founders tapping only into their pool of friends and family, they can connect with those who have the skills and passion to help build their dreams.

Early successes, and only just the beginning.

BETA100 has already accomplished quite a bit pre-launch. Milestones include securing funding from the venture builder to build their MVP, as well as recruit some pretty incredible people around their table. They have brought on an advisory board of amazing champions to make this dream a reality. Soon, they will pre-launch their platform with around 50 early adopters.

How You Can Help

  • Join their tribe of doers. If you are not afraid to roll up your sleeves and put in the work alongside inspiring founders. Head over to their website to learn more.

Advice to Fellow Founders

We are facing an interesting shift in the VC mindset at the moment, and fundraising was praised by most founders out there. Cash is (and will always be) king. So, focus on growing your client base and generating revenue with your business.

Remember that amazing businesses can also be built during uncertain times! In fact, major companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb and Uber were founded during bear markets. If they can do it, you can also!

Congrats to our Startup Founders of the Day, Camilla and May!

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Camilla: twitter | linkedin May: twitter | linkedin

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