This community-driven event is leveling up Silicon Valley’s diversity goals

Diversity at Startup Grind Global Conference

Every February, the surroundings of Fox Theatre in Redwood City, CA get taken over by a diverse crowd. Inside the giant white tent covering the Courthouse Square, Google, Oracle, Intuit, and others offer free coffee and gifts. …

Startup Genome works with public and private organizations all over the world, including in the United States. With the publication this week of the Surge Cities Index by Inc. magazine and Startup Genome, we’d like to highlight where some of our U.S. Members excel.


Top 10 in high-growth company density

Top 15 in population growth

New York City

#7 in early-stage funding


Top 5 in job creation

Top 10 in net business creation


#18 overall in Surge City ranking

San Bernardino, CA (part of Riverside-San Bernardino MSA)

2nd-highest net business creation rate (behind only Minneapolis-St. Paul)

Tied for fastest rate of job creation (Orlando)


#13 overall in Surge City ranking

Highest rate of new entrepreneurs


Wages and population are growing faster than average

Startup Genome attended Web Summit in Lisbon last week and was awed, leaving with lessons learned and more work to do.

(1) Web Summit really is massive.

Reading that 70,000 people attend is one thing. Experiencing the crowds and lines and sheer energy is altogether different. …

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