The 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER) is out today from Startup Genome. We are thrilled to produce #GSER2019 together with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), and release it at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam.

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With primary input from over 10,000 founders around the world — and data on more than one million companies in 150 cities — the 2019 GSER is our biggest and broadest yet. In addition to profiles of dozens of startup ecosystems, we rank the top 30 ecosystems globally. And, for the first time, we have conducted a separate analysis of Life Sciences startup ecosystems.

We’re super excited to share this with you, whether you’re a new founder, a serial entrepreneur, an investor, a policymaker, an ecosystem builder, or anyone else interested in the health and vibrancy of startup ecosystems. …

This community-driven event is leveling up Silicon Valley’s diversity goals

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Diversity at Startup Grind Global Conference

Every February, the surroundings of Fox Theatre in Redwood City, CA get taken over by a diverse crowd. Inside the giant white tent covering the Courthouse Square, Google, Oracle, Intuit, and others offer free coffee and gifts. Over the years, the streets around the area have been blocked for another tent to receive 50 startups from around the world.

Lately, the crowds have exceeded Fox Theatre’s capacity and spilled over into the Century Movie theatre around the corner.

What’s screening? The old fashioned lettering on the movie sign of Fox Theatre reads: Startup Grind Global Conference - Google for Startups. …

While Canada’s Waterloo region might seem small at just 500,000 people, in the startup and technology world, it’s a giant. It’s best known as the home of BlackBerry and the University of Waterloo, while also including R&D offices for the likes of Google, Square, and SAP. In the past 10 years, Waterloo has seen a startup boom with the founding of more than 1,000 startups, averaging over $300 million in venture capital investment per year.

But what makes a region like Waterloo so successful despite its size? One answer is culture: over several decades, a shared notion of economic development through startups — and a common bond between incumbents and new entrants — has developed. This sense of community is hard to quantify but is critical for creating a culture of “local people believing in each other,” according to Chris Plunkett at Communitech in Waterloo. …


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