I am a white teenager…and I want to be uncomfortable

This poem first of all is dope. I am Gordon Selasi Churchill (Dogbe ), a twenty (20) year old enthusiastic young entrepreneurial, innovator and a very passionate social change agent. Whiles being very success oriented, I am motivated to always help others achieve their ambitions and objectives.

Over the past 29 Month’s, I have dedicated my time and resources in setting-up an organisation called StartUpGh, which aims at empowering youth. I believe young people dream big, take actions and strive for change. I am keen about Social work, Networking, Pursuing my social passions of life of making Ghana( Africa), as a whole,a better place.

My ultimate goal is to help shine light on how young ( millennials ) can use their different entrepreneurial skills to overcome extravagant obstacles, and ultimately accomplish their dreams.

I have been a long follower and admirer of the YES Initiative and the impact its having.

To👉 Daniella Cohen, I feel very inspired by your poem. I admire and respect your Achievements and leadership being part of the US advisory council

👉Ashoka Youth Venture, I always keep tabs on your Facebook posts as they always inspire me. I will like to liaise with you to put together a pilot of a West African AYV Youth Advisory Council.


I’d love to also get some advice and share my vision , get some feedback and guidance on our work at StartUpGh from the US Advisory Council. Since their as young as me am curious to tap into their knowledge.

In fact am also going to set up a youth advisory council for my organization. ( StartUp Gh )

I am also keen on exploring collaborative opportunities with AYV. 
My Organisation’s Webpages are below. I carefully documented everything we have done since it’s inception.

ww.startup.com.gh ( Under construction ) 
I am willing to explore any Advice & Opportunities you suggest and please notify me for further information.

I am eager to learn & gain experience.

I can be reached via the following details

Phone Numbers +233274835151/ +233505365288
Email gordon.selasi@gmail.com / startupgh@gmail.com

Thank you.

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