Signs of a successful startup:

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Aug 29, 2018 · 1 min read

- A product so good people tell their friends about it.
- Easy to explain/understand.
- Market that will undergo exponential growth.
- Riding a wave of a real trend — like a new platform that people use obsessively, many hours every day (think iOS, not VR).
- Meaningful mission that makes people excited to help/join/contribute.
- Enthusiastic founder with an ambitious vision. Confident and definite view of the future.
- Great team: smart, hard working, optimists, idea generators. Able to take responsibility and figure it out. Biased for action.
- Momentum. Keep winning at short predictable intervals.
- Competitive advantage that can turn you into a monopoly.
- Good business model and a distribution strategy.
- Frugality, focus, obsession, love.
- Idea that sounds bad but is good.

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