Meet AnYes van Rhijn

Owner of Success On Your Own Terms Ltd.

Having reinvented herself several times, AnYes is well equipped to help driven women to realise their full potential in life and in business while remaining true to who they are and what is important to them.

You wear many hats. Tell us about them.
I’m on a mission to help women reach their full potential in life and in business so that they can become role models for other women to do the same.

I do this in three ways:

  • through Success On Your Own Terms where I help women create a business that sustains the life they desire without giving up who they are and what is important to them,
  • as the owner of The Athena Central London network. This is a female business network where my ambition is to help my members grow personally and professionally whilst building a community of women who support each other,
  • as the founder and host of “Women Who Make Things Happen”, a video interview series where I interview women who have succeeded in going after their dreams and/or have succeeded in reinventing themselves when life stood in the way. My ambition there is to inspire women to dare step into the driver’s seat of their life.

What inspired you to start your own business?
I’ve reinvented myself multiple times and the first reinvention was indeed to leave the corporate world to start my own business. I was very successful, making a lot of money but I had that nagging feeling that there must be more to life. I had all the external signs of what happiness and success should be but I wasn’t happy. I wanted to give more meaning to my life and felt that that wasn’t something I could do in the corporate world. I also had a very strong urge to be my own boss.

What do you love most about working for yourself?
What I love most is that I have the freedom of choice. The most important one for me is that I’ve chosen to be authentic and to build my professional choices around what works for me, not what others say I should do.

Who is your ideal client and what drives you to work with them?
My ideal client is a woman who wants to create a business that she’s passionate about but that also reflects who she is and what is important to her (that’s what Personal Branding is all about).

She wants to give more meaning to her life and is no longer interested in money as an end but instead looks at money as a means to an end. She understands that to achieve that she has to challenge the assumptions that have shaped her life thus far.

My work is holistic. What that means is that even if the objective is a business one, we work on all aspects of your life. It is transformational work that moves you from a world of impossibilities to a world of possibilities. Seeing women, who generally used to put themselves last, step into the driver’s seat of their life to build a business that sustains the life they desire is incredibly rewarding.

What are your top tips for business owners who want to incorporate their personal brand into their businesses?

  1. Know your why (be clear on who you are, what is important to you, and why you want to do what you want to do)
  2. Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve (know where you are now and where you want to be in all areas of your life)
  3. Feel the fear and do it anyway (the journey won’t be easy but with the right tools and by focussing on your vision instead of on your fear, you can use fear as a fuel instead of letting it paralyze you)
  4. Take care of your needs and set strong boundaries
  5. Identify what works for you and stick to it (don’t try to copy what others do)
  6. Do what you love doing with the people you love working with and who are willing to pay for your services (don’t try to work with everyone)

What words of wisdom do you have for other mums who want to venture out on their own?
It would probably be that you can only take good care of others’ needs if you take care of your own needs first!

The challenge with women, mums in particular, is that they often think that with all they have to do there is no room left for them.

Don’t get me wrong, setting up your own business requires hard work and some sort of sacrifices, you can’t have it all. But it’s about making the right choices (hence the importance of knowing who you are and what’s important to you and having strong boundaries.

Want to gain success on your own terms? Visit AnYes’s website to learn more about her full range of offerings.


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