Morra Aarons-Mele is an Internet marketer who has been working with women online since 1999. She is the founder of digital cause marketing agency Women Online and its database of women influencers, The Mission List. Morra is host of the podcast Hiding in the Bathroom, and author of the forthcoming book by the same name.

So what’s your book about?

MORRA: So my book is called “Hiding in the Bathroom” and it is an introverts roadmap to getting out there when you’d rather stay home.

Oh my god, I love that so much. How did you come up with the idea?

I don’t know, I guess just my life. Because I’m an extremely anxious introvert / almost recluse who has to…

One of my close friends, not yet a mother, is subject to all sorts of insane text messages from me as I tell her just exactly what’s going on with my body, my mind, and my spirit as I navigate new motherhood. It’s worth it to tell you: she is planning on becoming a mom sometime in the next few years, but doesn’t know when to begin.

One weekend I looked up at her and said, “You know, I owe you a letter about all the magic of it. I shouldn’t scare you with all the horror stories.”

Her response…

Some mornings I wake up around 4 AM or 5 AM, either because I have to pee, or because the baby is kicking me.

I have been having a hard time falling back asleep after I wake up, so I started going to morning yoga early in the day. I figured I might as well calm my mind and bring more harmony to my body if I can’t sleep. And normally exercise, no matter how tired I am, gets me back to sleep again the next night.

Today, in my morning yoga practice, I ran into one of my favorite teachers. I hadn’t seen him in months. …

A friend of mine is having a bit of a rough time right now and I sent her a note to check in.

How’s it going, how are you feeling?

One of the ways we exist for each other is to confirm and mirror experience. When we notice a friend or a colleague struggling, we can say empathetically, “this looks hard.”

Sometimes kindness comes in the noticing.

Sometimes just acknowledging where you are can be enough to let yourself say, “Wait, yes, this is exhausting.”

But what happens when you’re weary, sad, or pushing through something insanely difficult and you need to take care of yourself throughout…

I knew I had to dig in and actually buy some maternity pants when I could no longer hike my yoga pants up any higher.

With my old pants, I either gave myself significant camel toe (not attractive), or I ended up with a thick elastic imprint around my waist (not comfortable), or both.

More often, it was both.

Since my belly was going to continue to expand, and this wasn’t a case of “if I sleep 12 hours tonight, drink a lot of water and take a good morning poop, I’ll fit back into my jeans,” I realized it was probably time to buy some maternity clothes.

In retrospect, I don’t know why I was so reluctant — maternity jeans are THE BEST! Having…

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