Build your startup using Ruby on Rails

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails framework is considered as one of the most talk about framework nowadays. Most of the startup companies uses Rails because they believe that this is a well-supported and flexible framework that would fit for their team. Twitter is one the successful and very known app that uses Ruby on Rails in building their website.

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In this article, you’ll learn more about the benefits of using Ruby on Rails for your business and motivate you to establish your own startup using Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is Time-efficient

Many startup companies are having a hard time choosing the best framework that their team should use. But with the help of RoR, they realized that this is the best choice that would fit for their startup team.

Most startup companies uses Ruby on Rails since it is considered as the fastest way in developing web applications. As stated by Ruby Garage on one of their blog post, “Ruby on Rails contains a lot of ready-made plugins and modules that gives the developer the easy way in writing the code of the app that they are building. Ruby on Rails has also proven that they’re building web applications 30 to 40% faster than teams using other frameworks and programming languages.”

Ruby on Rails is Cost-effective

Some of the startup companies are experiencing problems during the development process of their projects due to time and money. But by using Ruby on Rails, it could help to save money, since it is an open source of framework and 100% free. This is the one big advantage why this framework is the top choice for a startup team. Another reason is the RoR framework contains selection of gems which help RoR developers create an quality output without sacrificing a lot of their time and effort in the development process.

Ruby on Rails is about Quality

Every startup company is really trying their best to produce high quality projects or output without bugs and issues that could disappoint their future end-users. Ruby on Rails framework develops a 0% bugs in the development process. They also have the Minitest tool that is built into the Rails core that is used in comprehensive testing that gives them a lot of essential features. RoR is also encouraging to use Test driven development (TDD) approach- is a software development process that relies on the repetition of a very short development cycle and Behavior driven development (BDD) approach- is a software development process that emerged from test driven development. Through using these two approaches, this will be a great advantage for them in making sure that they are producing the high quality output for their different clients.

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