Stefan’s Review: iPhone 6S 3D Touch

Though it is still in its infancy stage, 3D Touch (click the link to learn more about the technology) on the iPhone has unleashed the most substantial new way for consumers to interact with their iPhone since the introduction of Siri. Now that I’ve had a a few weeks to play with 3D Touch, I’d like to discuss how specific apps are using the technology on the home screen — the good, the bad, and the annoying.

The Good

3D Touch simply reduces the amount of actions or time necessary for users to reach desired actions within an app. For example, Apple’s native Camera app allows me to directly access the following modes:

Apple set the standard with their own ecosystem. Then, other apps began to utilize the technology too.

Here are the options offered by Twitter, Instagram, and Outlook (all of which I’ve noticed myself using frequently):

Others utilizing the technology: Snapchat, Tinder, Facebook, LinkedIn, Trello, Skype, Yelp, Periscope, and Product Hunt.

The Bad (aka “Y U NO 3D Touch?”)

For the following four apps, I think certain actions using 3D Touch would make complete sense. I’m sure they’re currently working on it, but I’m disappointed that I don’t have these options at the moment:

Uber & Lyft

I should be able to summon a car to my current location or home/work without having to enter the app. Even the Amazon Echo can call an Uber drive to my house using voice recognition… let’s make this happen!

Google Maps

I use Google Maps on a daily basis to access the BART schedule to ensure I leave the office at a good time. “Directions to Work” and “Directions to Home” need to be 3D Touch options. I go through way too many actions on a daily basis to ask for the exact same thing. Every. Time.


Slack power users typically belong to a number of teams on Slack. I would love to be able to choose which team’s chat I enter before going into the actual app.

The ability to access the most recent DMs and channels would not be a terrible idea, either.

The Annoying

Audio-based apps are truly annoying me because of one specific problem. It’s great that Overcast and Amazon Music allow me to resume playing the last thing I was listening to using 3D Touch technology. However, there is no need to enter the app after I use that function!

Take a look.

I can resume listening to Jason Calacanis’s This Week in Startups. Awesome!

Then… it enters the app?

I don’t need to see this after telling you that I want to continue listening. Ugh.

Note: This may not be the fault of Overcast or Amazon Music. 3D Touch may not allow apps to take actions without entering the user into the app (yet). If this is true, it needs to change.

At first glance, 3D Touch looked gimmicky but it has a lot of potential. I’ve had fun with it so far, and we should all expect it to become more useful as developers continue to add functionality.

What have your experiences with Apple’s 3D Touch been like so far?

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