The Emotional Roller-Coaster Ride of Entrepreneurship (Part I)
Kris Borghesan

Great article, being an entrepreneur is not glamorous all the time. It has it moments of glory but it also very difficult, it test your resolve everyday! That’s one of the reason that I created StartupTech I felt the same way and wanted to share with our members the reality of starting a business. It take all your heart and soul to go on and some time your ideas don’t work and people don’t want what you are selling. I love sharing the positive but also embracing the and learning from the failures.

I think the important thing is to push on, don’t give up and don’t be afraid to pivot into a new direction. There is a fine line to be head strong and confidant and another is to ignore what customers are saying. You have to be flexible and have desire to go on, even if that means some time you have to say enough is enough and move on or self the idea for now and move on.

Being an entrepreneur means your have the will to try and put your heart out there and with a lot of determinations, blood sweat and tears and more blood and tears. Hopefully you get traction and by listening to customers refine your product based on feedback and eventually you to get customers. It is an emotional roller coaster, as is life!

“I would rather have tried and failed, then never have tried and wished I did!”

Kris, Looking forward to your next post!

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