Startup Week for Finding Your Funding

Startup Week Chattanooga
Oct 18 · 2 min read

With more than 100 events taking place during this year’s Startup Week, we know how difficult it can be to find what events matter most to your interests and needs. So, we asked individuals from different industries around the community to help us put together curated Startup Week “playlists.” See below for a curated list from Felicia Jackson, Founder of CPR Wrap, on Startup Week for Finding Your Funding.

Your Name: Felicia Jackson

Organization: CPRWrap, Inc.

Why/what you are excited about Startup Week this year?

I am excited about Startup Week because it allows us to meet the local players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem as well as others coming in from surrounding regions. I am also excited about the informative sessions, workshops, and seminars on entrepreneurship, innovation and the startup ecosystem within Chattanooga.

What is the value of the Startup Week for those looking to raise money for their business?

Finding business startup funding is one of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs. Participation in Startup Week can offer connections to in-house and visiting investors. Networking and fostering connections with people that have a shared interest in what you are doing can lead to successful fundraising and in Chattanooga during Startup Week, everyone you need to connect with will be present and ready to help any way they can!

What events should you attend if you’re looking to raise money?

Funding your business: Should you bootstrap or raise money?
Monday, Oct. 21st @ 9 a.m. | The Edney

Financing Alternatives for Small Growing Businesses
Monday, Oct. 21st @ 4 p.m. | Basecamp at Miller Plaza

Will This Float?: Female Founders Edition
Monday, Oct. 21st @ 6 p.m. | Basecamp at Miller Plaza

Girls Just Want to Have Funding….and Martinis!
Tuesday, Oct. 22nd @ 4:30 p.m. | Hot Chocolatier

How to Build a Million-Dollar B2B Sales Funnel
Tuesday, Oct. 22nd @ 5 p.m. | Workhound HQ

Kiva Crowdfunding: How I Got Started
Wednesday, Oct. 23rd @ 12 p.m. | Highland Park Commons

Build Your Confidence In Sales
Wednesday, Oct. 23rd @ 2 p.m. | INCubator

The Next Phase: From Seed to Venture Outside of Silicon Valley
Thursday, Oct. 24th @ 12 p.m. | Branch Technology HQ

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A week-long celebration and showcase of Chattanooga’s startup community. Oct. 19–25, 2019. Build your schedule at

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