Startup Week for Fueling Your Growth

Startup Week Chattanooga
Oct 16 · 2 min read

With more than 100 events taking place during this year’s Startup Week, we know how difficult it can be to find what events matter most to your interests and needs. So, we asked individuals from different industries around the community to help us put together curated Startup Week “playlists.” See below for a curated list from Kenneth Burke, Director of Marketing for Text Request, on Startup Week for Fueling Your Growth.

Your Name: Kenneth Burke

Your Title: Director of Marketing

Company/Organization: Text Request

Why/what you are excited about Startup Week this year?

I’m pumped for the behind-the-scenes stories of a lot of our town’s startups. There’s a lot more to entrepreneurship than “this is a great idea!” and I love that so many people will get to see how others have fought through challenges to get to where they are. And if they can get through those challenges, so can you.

What is the value of the Startup Week for those looking to grow their business to the next level (and beyond)?

People who are making growth happen are busy and focused. It’s very difficult to get their attention unless you have a mutual friend. But during Startup Week, you have easy access to their undivided attention so they can help you overcome your challenges to growth. Trying to go from 10 customers to 100, or ten bucks in revenue to $10 million? There are people here have done it and who would love to help you.

What events should you go to if you’re looking to grow your company?

Monday, October 21
9:00 AM: Funding your business: Should you bootstrap or raise money?

Tuesday, October 22
11:00 AM: Let’s Talk Strategy: Customer Journey Design — How to Map Growth of Your Business
5:00 PM: How to Build a Million-Dollar B2B Sales Funnel

Wednesday October 23
10:00 AM: The StoryBrand 7 Part Framework
11:00 AM: Let’s Talk Marketing: Marketing Automation — Why & How to Do It?

Thursday October 24
9:00 AM: How to Scale YOU for More Productivity and Profit
12:00 PM: The Next Phase: From Seed to Venture Outside of Silicon Valley
5:00 PM: Marketing and Selling Your Startup with Bellhops

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A week-long celebration and showcase of Chattanooga’s startup community. Oct. 19–25, 2019. Build your schedule at

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