The 54-hour hackathon took place entirely online and was put together in just 16 days

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SWSG2020 Photo Collage

Over 54 hours between 24 to 26 April, more than 750 participants came together virtually to pitch their ideas, form teams, develop their prototypes, and receive guidance from startup mentors. All this without anyone leaving their homes, as participants, mentors, judges, and even the organisers powered through the entire event and connected with one another online!

Startup Weekend Singapore (SWSG) 2020 was brought from conceptualisation to kickoff in just 16 days, by a passionate group of 13 of us who had been running the hackathon annually to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in Singapore and beyond. This 2020 edition was put together to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, and called for ideas that would shape a post-pandemic world. This was part of a global effort by Techstars and over 500 fellow Startup Weekend community leaders from around the world, where we hosted 55 Startup Weekends in the month of April with a total of 16,861 attendees! …

WARNING, read this with a pinch of salt.

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Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

In order to talk about what is the Asian dream, we need to talk about our fears first.


No, it’s not the spiders or your nasty cockroaches and while we might be scared of Sadako coming out of the TV from “Ring”, there is something even worse than those, we fear something invisible but powerful; Asians have a fear of failing, we really do, look around you, tell me one Asian kid that have not been reprimanded or punish when we flunk our tests. …

You have worked endlessly over the weekend to develop an idea and a prototype which you have presented to a panel of renowned judges. Throughout the weekend, you went through endless discussions, surveys, interviews, talks with industry experts, gained new insights and friendships, and ended the 54 hours on a big bang.

So what’s next? How can you develop your ideas beyond the event? Here are some tips on how to develop your startup idea post event.

1. Verify the problem you are solving

Before committing your time and energy into building a product, you want to ensure that you are building a solution to a problem that is worth solving. Beyond sending out mass surveys, identify the profile of potential early adopters, or engage with key stakeholders who have a say in adopting the product — know about their pain points, motivations and obstacles they need to overcome to adopt the product. Consider the quantifiable metrics of their pain points such as time and costs of current processes, available solutions, and reasons why they are not adopted. Speaking to mentors and reaching out to industry experts will help you to understand your product more, validate your idea, and solve some of your concerns regarding market size, industry structure and resources that you might need. …


Startup Weekend Singapore

Startup Weekend Singapore is a 54-hour hackathon event under the umbrella of Techstars Startup Weekend with events in over 150 countries!

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