What kind of oil do I need?

You know you need an oil change but there are so many choices — which one is right for your car?

Mobil 1 Advanced Synthetic is one of the options we offer

Yoshi offers conventional and synthetic options from Mobil 1. That’s Mobil Super Conventional or Mobil 1 Advanced Synthetic. All set? Read no more! Except you should read your manual. (Yoshi suggests that our customers consult their vehicle’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation).

For those of you who still have some questions, here’s the breakdown.

Conventional vs. Synthetic


Conventional oil is the base option and more economical (read: cheaper). Conventional oil is not distilled and purified the way that synthetic is but is still a great choice for keeping your engine running smoothly.


Synthetic oil, while sourced in the same way as conventional, is distilled and processed, which means it has fewer impurities. The benefits of synthetic oil is in its longevity. Synthetic oil can last up to 10,000 miles, depending on the climate and environment where you drive. It is less likely to cause buildup due to deposits from the impurities, which can shorten engine life.

Most vehicles can safely use either option, but some high-performance vehicles require synthetic oil due to the higher temperatures in the engine.

Again, please consult your vehicle’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendation. And as always, reach out to us with any questions!