Ringdom has launched the 70 Days Themed-writing Challenge on September 20, 2020. This writing contest will last 70 days till November 30, 2020. This contest is calling submissions with three trendiest elements — LitRPG, Apocalypse, and Isekai.

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Ringdom is an exclusive sub-brand of Stary. Stary experiences in incubating and promoting digital literature works. With the high-speed development in recent years, Stary now owns multiple sub-brands with a vast number of users in more than 100 countries and regions. The massive readership helps Stary writers achieve more target readers. …

On September 17, 2020, a guest tutor gave a special writing course in the Dreame Writing Academy. The guest tutor, Maria Kuiejor Garces Quijano, is the person behind the bestselling books. She has been in the publishing industry for more than eight years, and most of her projects were included in the bestseller list.

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The Facebook group of Dreame Writing Academy has more than seventy thousand members. Members gave a warm welcome to the tutor and actively communicated with her during the course. Maria talked about the basics of writing a bestselling novel and shared her professional writing tips with the members. Refer to their comments and evaluations, they thought this course was useful and helpful, which made them realize some missed details. …

Are you eager to become a contracted author but do not know how to start?

Are you confused about how to choose a theme that will attract more readers?

Why do authors that have signed the same contract initially, end up with significant discrepancies in royalties after only a few months?

As a newcomer, you must write a good story, but that isn’t enough. You need to get the right kind of exposure, and a part of that is ensuring that the right platform is hosting your story. …

Have you ever been touched by the romance in a gay film? Be it Brokeback Mountain or Call Me by Your Name, which was a recent hit, gay movies always touch the softest and warmest spot in our hearts, moving us in a tender way. Today, I will share a moving romantic story during WWII.

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About the story

The mode of “genius + war + gay” love.

The Imitation Game was adapted from Alan Turning: The Enigma, which is a biography that was written by Andrew Hodges. …

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In recent years, there have been a large number of films and television works about girl’s power. One of the most popular shows is “Why Women Kill,” which was released last year. It was about how three women from different eras in the same villa dealt with the infidelity in their marriages. While watching, we came to understand what “girl power” meant to each of them.

1. Be Independent before Becoming a Wife.

Rob and Beth were typical couples in the 1960s. The husband was the bread-winner, and the wife was a full-time housewife.

In the eyes of outsiders, the couple had a great relationship, and even Rob thought that he was very good to Beth. He provided her with a wealthy lifestyle, and he treated her like a noble lady, but he was frequently disrespectful to her as well. For instance, he asked his wife for more coffee by tapping the edge of the cup. This gesture turned the request into an order. He would also use this gesture to address waiters. This seemingly insignificant detail happened to prove the inequality of their marriage. The wife must obey her husband, and his needs should determine everything she does. At that period in time, Men had full control over their family, and especially over housewives like Beth, who had no income and could only rely on their husbands. …

Health care workers who expose themselves to the risk of the virus are trying to save people’s life, fight against the virus on the frontlines.

There are remarkable women who are both doctors, nurses, mothers and have great achievement in writing stories, being an author. They work hard to fight against the crisis while creating great stories, bring comfort and joy into their stories on Dreame, which is a female reading and writing platform.

They talk about their feelings against the virus in this special period and provide some safety guides.

Let’s take a look at the sharings below from authors who are also health care workers. Read and comment to support them together. …

Things are getting steamy this Halloween with a heart-racing selection of books for you to read. Featuring pulchritudinous billionaires and gorgeous Alphas, you’re guaranteed to find something to set your heart ablaze! Read on for our top heart-warmers for this Halloween…

His Abused Mate

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An electrifying romance story that will have you flipping cover-to-cover, join Alexis as she embarks on a harrowing journey to escape her evil father and be with her Alpha mate, Hunter.

A high school mute, Alexis is the kind of kid who everyone hates. But when a new guy turns up at school, she finds herself receiving a more intimate kind of attention… What follows is a harrowing escape and voyage of self-discovery, with neck-snapping twists that will leave you dumbstruck. What does Hunter, the future Alpha of the Blue Moon pack, want with a girl like her? And how far will her father go to get her back? …

How does a newly published book become hugely successful with hundreds of thousands of reads? The truth is that there’s often more going on than first meets the eye: there is usually a targeted and consistent effort to promote popular, well-written works.

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For example, after being published on Dreame for just three months, “His Mate and His Mistress garnered more than one million reads and over ninety thousand followers. It has since become one of the most popular books on Dreame.

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The book is well-written and loved by it’s readers, but it initially struggled to be noticed among other similar books. Dreame’s editors noticed the author’s latent talent and helped drive the book to success through a spirited and diverse promotional campaign.

Dreame is a female-oriented reading platform where female writers can find the inspiration to create new worlds for female readers. The other day we interviewed one of the most popular writers on Dreame -- Vrinda. This is her experience when she crafts her work His Purchased Wife with over one hundred thousand reads.

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Q: If you had to describe His purchased wife to readers, what are the first things that come to mind?

Vrinda: Love after marriage and perilous cliffhangers abound.

Q: There are many factors involved in the story, like business disputes, revenge, love, and drama. …

For those who like the romance novel, clear your reading list!

This week three popular romance stories are picked from Dreame, a female reading platform. These stories were selected because of popularity, quality, and diversity. Enough talk, let’s get to the books!

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  1. Married to Mr. Rich Jerk: A hurricane of a romance with a cold-blooded billionaire at its center.

Shamika R**kar: Oh my god, it seems interesting… I’m looking forward to reading it

Brief Introduction: This is a classic romantic story between a possessive rich man and a normal girl. The story opens with the confliction between the two characters; the heroine Rhea wants to save her brother, whose career has been ruined by the hero Ryan Parker. Her braveness is considered a provocation by Ryan. So he forces her to be his assistant in order to try to torture her. As Rhea embarks on her adventure in Ryan’s company, you may know how it feels to work for the possessive boss Ryan, and explore what he has experienced to make him cold-blooded. The continuously emerging events and supporting characters build an immersive atmosphere and the author keeps you in suspense — how could this couple with hatred get married? And who will fall in love first?


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