Becoming successful and feeling accomplished in the data science team that works on big data projects is not obvious from the very start. The issue is that it heavily depends on the maturity of the underlying platform, the team’s cross skills and devops processes in their daily operations.

The past few years have been like a dream come true for those who work in analytics and big data. There is a new career path for platform engineers to learn Hadoop, Scala and Spark, Java and Python programmers have a chance to move to the Big Data world. …

Our civilization had experienced many transformational and disruptive technology advances throughout its recent history. The Industrial Revolution, the Transportation Revolution, the Internet Revolution, the Mobile Revolution, the Bio-tech Revolution. It is clear that the rate of change in the technology innovation in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice control, augmented reality — all powered by Moor’s Law carry a promise to make the communication between the human and the machine more streamlined, effective and safe. To that end, the future is already (somewhat) here. Enterprise is eagerly adopting smarter and smarter machines every day. …

Stanislav Ivaschenko

Certified AWS solutions architect experienced in building and delivering software applications. Passionate DevOps geek in love with microservices orchestration.

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