Wishing for the Viral Effect is Not Smart Business

Sometimes you have to say the thing that people don’t want to hear. In the tech space there isn’t going to be a conversation about launching apps or SaaS startups without the concept of going viral coming up. The problem is you can’t manufacture virality.

Build a Business That Tips

You can put yourself in position to go viral, but if that is your singular strategy, you need to rethink your business. Even going viral takes a multitude of characteristics to trigger the tipping point of your content, product, or idea.

Virality is not an Event, It’s a Mechanism

Even though there have been businesses that have had events that led to a…

What Worked For Them Won’t Work For You

Stas Borukhoff here, today we are talking about achieving the breakthrough success that the market leaders have achieved. There isn’t a day that goes by that investors don’t hear I am going to be the next Apple, Uber of xyz, and on and on. There is also no lack of case studies and stories about hugely successful companies out there and the keys to their success. There is a problem, it’s either not true, or won’t work for you. Let’s look at 3 key reasons you won’t likely succeed by following what the market leaders did or didn’t do.

Who Knows Why They Succeeded


Big Thinking Gets Big Results

Hey Stas Borukhoff here, they say the world is shrinking, especially in business, but what they really mean is we are expanding our thinking. The days of local retail are in many ways a thing of the past. As businesses become digital they expand their markets and their thinking. This is where the problem currently exists. There are still many businesses that are thinking small, and thinking it will be business as usual.

Expand Your Thinking

If you want to survive in business today, you have to think bigger. With so many parts to business such as management, execution, and marketing, you can…

Why Traditional Image and Text Profiles Aren’t Good Enough

Stas Burohkoff with Mobiline here, and today I am talking about the problem with traditional social media bios and using a handful of words to describe people. The rise of social media has been meteoric. Facebook has grown to be one of the most powerful companies in the world. Almost everyone has an online profile, but do they really convey who that person is? I don’t think so, and I think that bios and online profiles create a false barrier to the real people they are supposed to represent.

The Problem with Online Bios

Online bios are supposed to represent…

Never Take Your Eyes Off Your Goals by Stas Borukhoff

A Lesson in Lean Business Practices from Stas Borukhoff

Hey everyone, as you know I am Stas Borukhoff founder and CEO of MobiLine, a communications and social networking app that is video based. Like most projects, I came up with a solution to the problem of fake profiles on social media. There are so many scammers out there that it makes meeting people personally or professionally very difficult. I had deep experience in the VOIP world and decided I could build a communications app to solve this problem. …

Your Team Can Make All the Difference

Hello everyone, I am Stas Borukhoff Founder and CEO of MobiLine app. In my journey from development to pre-launch of our video based communications and social networking app I have traveled the windy road of hiring and having to fire a handful of freelancers. Today I will share some valuable lessons for any app developer, founder, or entrepreneur to learn from.

Know What You Know, and What You Don’t Know

Once you start your journey in bringing your great idea to reality, you are going to have to assemble a team of experts or freelancers to help you create and…

Stas Borukhoff

CEO and Founder of MobiLine App a Video Based Communication and Social Networking App. http://MobiLine.com

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