Never Take Your Eyes Off Your Goals by Stas Borukhoff

A Lesson in Lean Business Practices from Stas Borukhoff

Hey everyone, as you know I am Stas Borukhoff founder and CEO of MobiLine, a communications and social networking app that is video based. Like most projects, I came up with a solution to the problem of fake profiles on social media. There are so many scammers out there that it makes meeting people personally or professionally very difficult. I had deep experience in the VOIP world and decided I could build a communications app to solve this problem. I had the vision and then it was time to set some goals.

So many people run before they can walk. The excitement of having an idea and even a solution to a big problem can sometimes be intoxicating. This can lead people to want to just dive in and start taking action before planning. Look, business is hard and there are tons of distractions along the way. Goals keep you focused and help you get to where you really want to go. Here are 3 tips I have found in my journey that can save you time and money and help you turn those great ideas into reality.

1 — Get Clarity

The things that often keep very talented people from achieving their goals is they fail to get clear in the beginning. Clarity includes goals, research, and planning. None of these feel exciting compared to jumping in a building the great idea you had, but they are the foundation of good business.

Clarity doesn’t slow you down, it speeds you up. In the technology world, you sometimes see technology that doesn’t have the infrastructure to support it. When video communications first came out for mobile, they were choppy and not very good. The problem was the infrastructure was not in place to support the delivery. The same thing happens in business. Your great idea needs the infrastructure to allow it to succeed. Ideas don’t travel by themselves, they need the infrastructure of solid business fundamentals.

2 — Avoid Distractions

Once you get clarity, do your research, set goals, and planned your strategy, there will be countless distraction along the way to keep you from executing it. Some of these distractions are external, and some are actually built in to the process of executing your plan. In a recent post on my Stas Borukhoff Medium blog I wrote about the 7 Lessons on Hiring Freelancers. I talk about the time and money it takes to go through good and bad freelancers to assemble your team. Hiring and firing bad freelancers can be a huge time suck that you have to minimize as much as possible.

There is a value in the ability to keep moving forward. Life moves forward fast and your market and competition is also ever-changing. You really don’t have the luxury of wasting time. Anything that starts to bog you down can become a distraction and should either be resolved or simply ignored. Focus and forward progress will help you launch your idea while others are stuck in the world of distractions.

3 — Stay Lean, Stay Focused

Sometimes more is actually less. Depending on whether you have investors or external sources of funding, you may feel expanding is a sign of progress. This is not always the case. Bringing on too many people at once can cause chaos, and it can also present communication issues. Don’t be afraid to slowly bring in key members and then get them up to speed before expanding further. As you bring in more people you also spread your focus in more areas. This can cause you to get less done by trying to do too many things at once. Stay lean if you want to stay focused.

I look forward to sharing more tips and lessons I have experienced on my journey. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences below in the comments.

Stas Borukhoff

Founder and CEO