Small Thinking in a Big World by Stas Borukhoff

Big Thinking Gets Big Results

Hey Stas Borukhoff here, they say the world is shrinking, especially in business, but what they really mean is we are expanding our thinking. The days of local retail are in many ways a thing of the past. As businesses become digital they expand their markets and their thinking. This is where the problem currently exists. There are still many businesses that are thinking small, and thinking it will be business as usual.

Expand Your Thinking

If you want to survive in business today, you have to think bigger. With so many parts to business such as management, execution, and marketing, you can forget to rethink your position and look around at the changing marketplace.

There is no more surviving in business, the status quo is falling behind. If you want to survive you must thrive. In order to thrive you have to be aware of the current real-time market you are selling and working in. So many businesses today are dying a slow death and they don’t even know it. By the time the diagnosis comes in it is often too late for them to pivot and stay relevant.

In this attention starved society everyone and everything is your competition. You can’t think your competition is local, you can’t assume the only competition you have is in your industry. Everyone is trying to grab and hold the attention and dollars of your potential customers. If you expand your thinking to this level you will find new ways to get and keep the key attention you need to convert and be a power player with your customers.

Design for the End Game

Design your product for the big picture. The whole concept of ship it sometimes get translated into short term small but fast thinking. No matter how small the move you make, you should understand the larger context of your decisions so that even your small decisions are highly strategic.

Customer-centric and future-centric design can take you to the future. It isn’t about features and benefits. That works when the markets are slow and competition low. In a fast-paced high competition market that strategy commoditizes your product or service and becomes a race to the bottom that is centered on innovation but can often leave you disconnected from your market and stuck in incremental improvement.

If you want to design for your customers, you have to pay attention to societal changes. With so many verticals innovating at the same time, the world isn’t what you thought it was yesterday. You have to build business intelligence and organizational awareness into your daily operations.

Find Global Opportunities

The whole world is buying. Many businesses think they will start small and then scale up later. The problem is they apply this to their thinking as well. This creates hard pivots and missed opportunities. When you design with the end game in mind, you think global but execute local. You can still start small, but you have to think big. After all, the dreamers have generally built some world changing businesses.

Global thinking doesn’t just include your markets, it also includes your talent. We created MobiLine app with a team of developers, designers, marketing, and management from 4 countries and across both coasts in the US. Go where the talent is, and include different perspectives. Even if you are executing locally, you have to think globally and the best way to do that is build a global team.

Position your business and personalize your experience. Users and customers in different markets have different needs. Part of big picture design thinking is finding where you can gain mutual benefit and knowing where you need to personalize. Doing this in advance will streamline your expansion into other markets because you already baked in key global components so that you modification for specific markets is minimized.

The key here is awareness. Where you focus drives your results. Your mindset can limit your business or expand it. You have to ask yourself, does our business or organization have expansive thinking or fixed thinking? Where do you think that thinking will take you in the future?

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