Writing is not given from birth

Its been taught for me to write at first. New company, new people, new challenges and, God, new tasks. Everytime teacher say to us ‘You are going to write a draft/an essay/a letter’, he/she would probably hear ‘Oh, noooo' from students. The same shit happened when I came for an interview at Slovis. Young lady (Ann if I remember) asked me to write an essay. I still remember the topic as like it was yesterday. ‘The freedom of speech' — it seemed easy to me. Anyway, I wrote, checked plag, grammar, style — all done. Ann told me she will inform me as soon as they will revise it. I wasn’t hoping for anything, well sure, I wasn’t good at writing. I got the call on the very next day. “We want you to be the part of us. Is tomorrow works for you?”. I freeze. Literally, like an iceberg. The whole world turned so colorful for me that moment. I’VE GOT THE JOB OFFER!? USD SALARY? IS THAT REALLY HAPPENING TO ME?

That’s how it started.