Stay tuned to checkout Stasia’s exciting crypto-fandom experience.

Jul 10, 2019 · 1 min read

This is K-pop Idol Blockchain Project STASIA.

In November last year, STASIA issued the world’s first Idol Token- Dreamcatcher Token (DRC), and officially listed it on the cryptocurrency exchange. Through DRC, Dreamcatcher fans all over the world are now able to support their idols more conveniently by using the token to purchase concert tickets, fan-meeting seats, digital photobooks and more. The funds which are raised from DRC sales are then used for future Dreamcatcher related content and goes back to Dreamcatcher company. STASIA’s goal of supporting idols with growth potential to reach the global stage through the cryptofandom is steadily being realized.

Last month, the main currency of the STASIA ecosystem- STASIA coin, was listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange Dcoin. The STASIA team is also currently building a new global application service that will allow K-pop idols and their fans all around the world to communicate and grow together.

Before the launch of the application, our team would like to share the updates on the STASIA project with you through Medium.

Please continue to give us lots of attention and support.



Crypto-fandom platform supporting IDOLS

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