STASIA Newsletter (2019.08.09)

Aug 9, 2019 · 2 min read


STASIA has signed an MOU with Main News Media, one of the leading entertainment news agencies.

Main News Media reports and covers various entertainment fields such as K-pop, movies, broadcastings and more. It also supplies different entertainment articles to different news agencies such as Financial News fn Star (파이낸셜뉴스fn스타), Metro News (메트로신문) and more. STASIA will be working closely with Main News Media to produce more K-pop related content as well as to further promote STASIA’s global application service which will be coming out in the 4th quarter of this year.

STASIA CEO Min Kyung Hwan believes that ‘this MOU with Main News Media will help to create and secure more K-pop related content’. He also states that ‘this will also allow STASIA to become a better and more efficient platform link between K-pop fandoms and their idols’ content.’


STASIA has been actively participating in D.VIP Season 2 after being selected as one of the main participants in April. Most recently, STASIA held the 3rd meeting of the season on July 31st.

D.VIP is a blockchain and cryptocurrency investment networking gathering hosted by MK Papers (매일경제) and DStreet. Offline meetings and discussions are held once a month to help project stakeholders and participants share relevant information regarding their projects and help expand their understanding on different blockchain and cryptocurrency issues.

During this meeting, participants discussed and compared the different entertainment related blockchain projects that are currently in the market. More specifically, participants pointed out the special characteristics of current popular projects and found out the different reasons for the success and failures of different projects. After the short discussion, STASIA was able to update participants on the current situation and schedule of STASIA’s project and provide more information on our future plans. The meeting was then successfully concluded. Another conference will be held on the 23rd of this month for all D.VIP Season 2 participants.


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