Writing and a Tower of Babel

Triangle of meaning

Sometimes it is hard to start. You need an ignition to get your creativity going. Even a small spark can start a fire that will give a bright light. This momentum between emptiness and a first word that clicks is everything! You know when it happens as you suddenly get excited, and your fingers move in an unstoppable motion on the keyboard of your laptop. Tap-tap-tip-tap.

They say there was a Tower of Babel that was destroyed to disable people from understanding one another. The destruction was connected to the rise of multiple languages. The modern world disproofs the idea that not speaking someone else’s language leads to not understanding the person. People speak through fine arts, visuals, cuisine, cinema, music, meditation, body language. People also are able to learn multiple languages throughout the course of their lives. There are translations of Japanese books, Russian poetry, French music, Hindu manuscripts and Egyptian symbols. We understand each other! There is something universal that transcends words.

Emotion, Storytelling, Content

Now, imagine how much easier it is to convey meaning in the language you speak. All you need to be is creative, unique, simple, inspiring. Emotion is something that is easily communicated and apprehended. You can sense happiness, anger, fear, passion even if you do not understand a word that is said. People always react with emotion. When you write in your language to the people, who understand it, emotion is the strongest to use.

Storytelling is a modern tool that builds on emotion. A writer provides information in the form of a story that according to the rules of narration has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Storytelling is essential to commercials on social media platforms and television. A simple reason for its rise in popularity is how well a response is created in a viewer. An important part is to trigger a reaction, an opinion, a thought. The art is to generate a tiny movement in the soul of the recipient.

Content is the third part of a triangle. Your message needs to be meaningful. Creating a beautiful message for the art’s sake that has no meaning is a theme for another post. To cover the basics though we need to make sure there is this something that can be of interest. If your message is common sense, is boring, is a copy paste from a specific source it loses from the uniqueness and will not be able to create a spark.

Triggering a Writing Process

  1. Visual as a Source of Inspiration

When you already have an image, a photo that should go along with your message you can start writing by looking closer to the visual aspect. What does the picture speak about? What colors are combined? Who are the subjects or what are the objects that you see? As sometimes you have an idea and you create a visual aligning its design to your view all you need is adding some words. What does it make you feel? How can you emphasize the meaningful part for the reader? Use an image to guide you and get started.

2. Write Something

You should start writing even if you think the idea on the tip of your fingers is not the best one. When you write you open up a well of creativity that is never-ending. Yes, even if it doesn’t feel like that. It is true some ideas will not be worthy of anyone else’s attention. When you make mistakes, you also improve your skills.

3. Delete What You Don’t Like

Write versions. Do not worry, no one else can see it and have an opinion on it. You are your best critic before an article gets published. Trust your instincts. Do not hesitate to delete what you think you can rewrite in a better way. It is also worthwhile to mention that you need to reach a point at which you decide to post. Perfecting can last on and on. There is always that something that could have been done better. Be confident and aware when the piece you write is final. The writing will only become more skillful with each new paragraph.

4. Read and Learn

Read a lot. You have to know what others write about and what style they use. Even if the topic is from a different sphere, there is always something you can learn from. Do not be misled. You can also learn from the distasteful examples. Knowing what to avoid and how to critique other pieces can guide you towards finding your unique voice and developing your style.

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