Clone your voice in 5 minutes!

Pawel Stasinski
Oct 29 · 2 min read

I want to show you an excellent library to clone your voice. I mean that machine could read a text using your voice!

Let's start!

In this article, which I am using code from the repository :

and his forked version(for CPU):

Its video will show you what it’s all about.

Steps to run minimal example(with supported CPU)

#you could find requirements.txt in this repo
virtualenv work
source work/bin/activate
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

After unpacking you should see a directory with name LibriSpeech

Assuming that directory LibriSpeech is in Desktop:

#terminalgit clone
cd Real-Time-Voice-Cloning
python -d ~/Desktop/LibriSpeech/train-clean-100/

After its steps, you should see something like this:

After recording own voice(button Record) you should see something like this:

To read the text “Welcome to the toolbox …” push Synthesize and vocode.

That's all folks! In any case, I look forward to feedback.

Pawel Stasinski

Written by

Freelancer Machine Learning/Data Science at Upwork

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