[TIPS FOR NEW BRANDS]Here’s some things we’ve learnt while building our brand the last 7 months —

What’s up Medium — Hope all is good! We are STATEMENT — A brand based on the east-coast of Australia. We started our brand approx. 7 months ago and we are loving how fun it is to scale and build our own brand — Especially in the age of E-Commerce!

Dan — STATEMENT Co-Founder

Build A Community -

We found it best to focus building our community across one main social media platform and let the others grow from the trickle down effect. We put a lot of effort into constantly posting high quality content on our Instagram (@statementvip) alongside being active with our customers and followers. Instagram is a great place to reach out and connect with influencers who would love to be wearing your stuff in exchange for fresh content!

Update Your Website -

A clean, easy to navigate website with e-commerce functionality is critical to making sales through your brand. We run on Shopify and have nothing but praise for the platform. It’s so easy for you to get up and running within 48 hours if you put in some effort and follow YouTube tutorials. You can check out our site here — www.statement.vip — We are constantly updating our site with new images, blog content, offers and VIP features.

If you are already running an online store on Shopify (or any similar platform) be sure to take advantage of the numerous free apps that are available within the app store.

Here’s our list of must have website add-ons -

Bold Multi‑Currency PushOwl Web Push Notifications Smile: Rewards & Loyalty Give & Grow Gleam Competitions

Build Your Network -

Using your most prominent social media platform is a great way to reach out to brand ambassadors, partner companies, influencers and customers. We are constantly in the DM’s setting up new content shoots, organising free samples for influencers and setting up affiliate links for brand ambassadors.

If you are just starting out — Spend 20 minutes a day focused on finding new profiles to follow and be sure to interact with them. You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll gain traction and presence within your local network — This will start converting to sales!

Give Back -

We are always doing offers and sales that leave our profit margins next to 0% or even in the negative. Don’t think of these sales as losses — Think of it as cheap marketing. It’s costing you 0% or a few dollars to get your product out there and people wearing it. The average click cost rate on a Facebook / Google ad can get as high as $8–25 if you don’t correctly optimize so when you compare the two methods — Selling your products with lower margins might “hurt” right now but in the long run you will see exponential growth.

Another great way to give back which fits in with updating your website is a great free app by Pledgeling. We installed it a few months ago and went with giving art supplies to under-privileged youth! So far we have donated 150+ art supplies — It’s a great way to automatically help out charities — There’s honestly hundreds to choose from and it’s a good feeling knowing you can help out in a small way!

Hope you find some of this information useful — Feel free to reach out and get in contact with us, always looking to meeting dope people from around the world!