Labour: The Way Ahead
Paul Mason

With the NEC elections and after a JC win consolidation by both the Corbyn administration and the local ‘new’ (and returned) memberships the party Blairites old guard might not seem to have such a grip on the party apparatus and the centre left MPs. Smith and Mandelson (no problem naming them in the same sentence) seem to have just the last resort ‘death blossom’ card to play of PLP mutiny. This will surely be a poisoned chalice as they want to make a sheer break with Corbynism and therefore have to themselves force the PLP soft left’s loyalty and reason,force them to make decisions.. a thing that may not go in the right’s favour — perhaps the ‘loyalty’ declarations and negotiation/disciplinary process you suggest won’t be needed so much. Very good article you’ve wrote but again the Corbynite heads don’t sufficiently recognise that the MPs feel stuck inbetween what they were elected on with them feeling their primary loyalty to their constituents (+plus old guard members locally) and a sudden change in the Party at large. This isn’t to say there is a real conflict of interest but that mind f#ck with the press successfully painting the Labour renewal and either a wooly but crazy project or an aggressive, hypocritical national danger reminds one of the Weimar days in Germany. Parliament is considerd the premier democratic institution and more so post-brexit and shouldn’t appear to be debased through one party’s ideological shift. We may be correct but the argument has to be brought to parliament. Thanks for the Croydon and Nuneaton breakdowns, very interesting. I’m not sure all the Podemos/Spanish parallels work — perhaps even in reverse. Should we look past Corbyn’s ‘monarchy abolition isn’t my fight’ and offer a confederation or republic for the SNP to merge into Labour. Far-fetched? But anyway the polls are consistently against independence anyway — another death blossom or phantom damocles sword? And perhaps pointless prison overpopulation and crime could be a left issue. Corbyn and co should pledge to reduce crime down to very low levels through locally democratic state funding and social justice. Doesn’t have to be broken window theory but a recognition that traditional working class areas suffer from appalling, often casual violence and insecurity — the masses bear the brunt.
N.B please check your grammar and words left out.