Know Your Rights with Police Protection App

The racism still prevails, no matter how much disgusting it sounds. The African Americans are still on the victim side of this racism. They are especially stopped during car rides or revolts. So, what to do about all this and how to be safe from the mess created due to that?

Just having a fair skin isn’t enough, having a fair heart is and USA cops do not have any against dark skinned people. The recent example is of Phoenix, Arizona. Last year October, the sheriff of Phoenix, Arizona disobeyed judge in the case of racial discrimination. You could read about the case details here. Why did this happen?

Let’s say cops have personal motives or they just enjoy humiliating someone who has different skin color. So, how will you save yourself from them?

State Safe Stop

The State Safe Stop is an app that alerts you when police stops your car. It’s an app that is specifically developed to keep you safe during police stops.

It works as follow:

  1. You need to sync your reliable contacts with this app. You could put in the contacts of your friends, family or other reliable cops who could help you with racism injustice.
  2. Then you need to record an audio conversation or video clip of whole scene and send it to your reliable contacts. You could set the password for that audio or video so, nobody can delete that clip.
  3. The third step is you file a complaint against the cop that you have been victimized by. If you have proof that is valid enough to make a cop suffer to do injustice to you, you could file a complaint without being scared.

Do not let injustice pass you by just like that. Take charge and fight against the injustice.