A debate camp or a debate institute is basically a training workshop for high school students and scholastic debaters. These camps are usually held over the summer and they last between two to eight weeks. Debate camps aim towards developing skills for both self-improvement and career advancement. These involve activities which can be either physical or highly intellectual. Debate camps use active interaction among its members whether to share expertise and experiences or to compete with each other. From young kids to grandparents can participate in such activities and join debate camps during summertime or holidays.

Camps can be defined according to different types, which include:

• Outdoor accommodation and recreation camps — resources camps, campsites or campgrounds, summer camps and cottages

• Gatherings of people — temporary settlement, camp meetings

• Areas of imprisonment — labor camps, refugee camps, concentration camps

Yet, the most popular camps especially for the kids and youth during summer or breaks are the traditional camps, which include:

• Sports camps

• Academic camps & programs

• Adventure camps

• Arts camps, music, performing arts

• Teen programs & teen tours

• Special interest camps

• Religious camps

• Special needs camps

• Family camps

• Military camps

Training, on the other hand, may be combined with debate camps but they concentrate more on the gaining of knowledge, skills and abilities needed for self-development plus career promotion. It has specific goals of cultivating capacities and performances, which are quite different from other camps that provide exercises more for the fun of it. Examples of training include on-the-job training or apprenticeship.

Debate camps, moreover, focus towards leadership development. They help in enhancing the leader in you, also assists in getting the confidence which is required for debate.

There are different kinds of training which are provided in the training camps. Physical training is the first and foremost part of it. The people in debate camps also learn spirituality through the continuous practices and become more aware of his surroundings. Basically, the training develops the complete person.

Training is provided commonly for young adults and professionals who are about to go into a new career, for advancement or for self-development. There are various types of training and educational seminars available and you can select from instructor-led training, e-learning, home study, and courseware and self-paced learning resources out of a number of categories.

The categories are Accounting & finance, Art, Automation, Automotive, Business & management skills, Computer, Construction, Engineering, Food, restaurants & hotels, Customer service, Electrical, Health, fitness & wellness, Journalism, Language skills, Mechanical, Human resources, Insurance, Information technology, Personal growth & self-help such as anger management, Medical, Music, Real estate and Workplace skills.

If there is a debate camp being held at a place nearby, make sure your child enrolls for it. For more information on leadership development, visit


Charlize Gordon is a trained professional associated with personality grooming training since eight years. She believes that participation in activities where children and adults get to voice their opinion help in building a confidence in social standings. She highly recommends in high spirits.

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