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May 14, 2019 · 6 min read

Spotify for Music, Flipboard for News, Netflix for Movies but X for Learning ?

We all have these 3–4 apps on our mobiles for music, news and movies and consume content daily from them.

Do you have any such app for learning and careers on your phone ?

They solve two significant problems for us

  1. Discovery of Content
  2. Recommendation based on usage and interests.
Spotify Recommends new songs based on my usage behaviour

3 Major Platforms we use for Learning were not designed for that purpose

  • Google Search is driven based on Page Rank
  • Youtube Videos show similar videos to keep you hooked.
  • Medium shows similar content based on tags and claps.

On the other hand courses on Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Pluralsight are Very Long, Mostly in Video formats and Laptop friendly. They lack engagement and drop off rates are very high and it needs extreme dedication to learn in the world of instant gratification.

We see a possibility of Spotify + Online Learning Content to be our daily learning app for our careers.

My Co-Founder & Me learnt Growth Marketing in 3 steps

Step1 : Extreme Web Search : We did a lot of web search and read humungous amount of short articles, watched videos in cabs, heard podcasts during walking.

Step 2: Relevant Books,Case Studies & Newsletters: We managed to read couple of books at nights and referred case studies & newsletters in the hunger to learn.

Step 3: Peer 2 Peer Interactions: We met few experts from branding and growth marketing by sending cold emails. They shared learning resources, tips and cleared our doubts.

This was satisfying for us than any online course out there. But lot of time had gone into unwanted efforts like Discovery, Relevancy and Connections.

Credit: How workforce really learns in 2016 by Degreed

Station91 is a Knowledge Recommendation Engine for learning based on our skills and goals

This is what we mean by Spotify for Career Based Learning.

If a user wishes to learn Growth Marketing to become a Growth Manager eventually.

In our view, this can happen in 4 ways like how Spotify works.

#1 Understand the User and their learning motivations

Spotify understands what kind of Music you like, Artists you like and Genre of music you keep listening often. It suggests music recommendations in the form of playlists, albums and songs.

Our Learning App should be cognizant of our skills, goals, interests, learning behaviour and our routines and recommend us with knowledge. Imagineit to be a Personal Knowledge Assistant in the world of ‘assistants’.

#2 We Focus on Micro Learning & Micro- Assessments

We have been addicted to Spotify, Flipboard, In-shorts and twitter to consume information as it is Short, Curated and Easy to consume.

There is no Instant Gratification in Learning when the attention spans of people are falling down to 8–10 seconds. Therefore, focus on micro-content and micro-assessments would be the next big thing

  • Goal based Micro - Chunking of Content which is no more than 3–4 Minutes to consume. The Topic Cover should make them curious and within couple of minutes they should gain some new knowledge right away. This is when they are hooked and give you more time to learn.
  • Goal based Micro-Assessments to quickly assess them with 2–3 minute quizzes and games. This increases engagement and helps them learn more about the topic.

#3 Content delivery based on People, Brands and Publications for my Job Role

Employees generally like to learn based on the person, brand or the publication. But not all their content is relevant to them. This is where Spotify Model of Albums, Artists, Playlists comes into picture

  • Profiles of People, Brands & Publications should be accessible where content relevant to their goals is published.

For Ex: Ryan Hoover/Y-Combinator are like an artist on Station91 which has collection of all his content relevant to my Career Goal.

  • Learning Playlists to help me discover faster: Playlists of micro topics provides a curated list of resources with byte size information. Completing a playlist can sometimes help in learning a topic faster.
  • Recommendation based on Pathways Since the app knows my career goals there has to be pathways based on my usage behaviour, assessments and skills completed to recommend new content.

For example, If your Goal is to be a Growth Marketer. If you have watched a video on How to use Linkedin Ads, then possible next content source should be How to use HubSpot for engaging with leads. This could be an article, video, podcasts based on the user behaviour and situation.

For ex: a Podcast while walking would be the best format to learn.

#4 Building a Marketplace with right API’s in the future.

There has to be good tools for Content Creators to plug in their content with the app so that Creators get a distribution channel. For Ex:

  • SSO with Leading Content Libraries: Single Sign On with Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy etc helps in taking quick mini courses when required. A revenue sharing mode can be worked with the creators.
  • Content Creation Tools : The Product should provide creative tools for creators to create learning content easily. Like Podcast recorders, Assessment Creators, AR based tools for learning etc
  • Plug In for Community : Event Organisers, Community managers can use this platform to target relevant crowd and employees can get access to relevant real world communities online and offline to meet new people.
  • Creator Connect : Learners can also connect directly with the creators and learn in depth. This helps creators monetise from the readers and offer more expertise on demand.

For Ex: If a Instagram Ad Expert is listed on your platform and an employee has just completed a module on Instagram ads in Growth Marketing. Showcasing a Coach Connect Option will enhance the learning experience.

At Station91, we are building a Spotify for Career Goal based Learning. We understand employee career goals and recommend them knowledge in various content formats.

Visit : to download the app. we have 3 Career Channels at the moment Product Manager, UI/UX Designer and First Time Founder.

P.S: When we came up with this idea, we found a relevant blogpost by Sandhya Hegde called “Spotify for LifeLongLearning” . Our initial product document and her blogpost were quite similar. There is no doubt we have been inspired by her blogpost and thank her for filling the gaps in our narrative.

Please shower some 👏Claps for us on medium if you like what we do at Station91. Please share it with your friends. Happy Learning :)

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