The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All
Sammy Leonard

I’m sick of both sides. Hillary supporters infuriated me during the primaries with their constant attacks, sneering at me as a ‘Millennial’ (actually, I’m 63, but right, go ahead and dismiss and exclude the next generation- THAT’ll work well…), telling me condescendingly that I ‘didn’t understand how politics work’, calling me a Bernie-Bro or bot (I’m a woman, last time I checked, and yes, I respond like other flesh and blood creatures to name-calling and personal attacks) and most of all, never EVER responding to real concerns about the extreme shift to what, in my youth, was the Right, taken by the Democratic Party over the last thirty years.

Bernie supporters infuriated me after the primaries by swallowing far right, pro-Putin propaganda, attacking Hillary and refusing to accept that a vote against her was a vote for Trump or understand what a disaster a Trump presidency would be. They, too, called names- suddenly I was a shill, pro-war, pro-oligarchy.

But the thing is, most of the Bernie supporters ARE young and idealistic, without much previous experience of practical politics. They have some excuse for not understanding all the ramifications of their actions. The Democratic Party has none. What on earth are they thinking, attacking what’s now called the Left (and used to be the center when I was young)? ALL the Democratic Party needed to win -and needs to win in the future- is to remember its roots and values. Stop telling us about what we can’t do and give us something worth fighting for, worth working for. There are so many things- the environment is at a critical juncture, health care is a disgrace and the middle class is being decimated. Big business has successfully put a price on everything- including our politicians. Bernie won so much enthusiastic support because he spoke eloquently to these concerns. About the only other voice like that we have is Elizabeth Warren’s. And not coincidentally, she is one of the only other politicians that doesn’t get a large amount of her support from the financial industry.

The Republicans have a lock on the politics of fear and hatred. You can’t compete with them there. We need to stop running on fear-based platforms and put forward positive, truly progressive ones that support the interests of real people against faceless international corporations.

(tl;dr — this sort article is NOT helping!)

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