by Dana Kawar

Number 1: befriend some good engineers.

Given the increased difficulty of fundraising in the current environment, I wanted to share some learnings from the past two years of bootstrapping our own company, StatsHelix.

#1 Find technical co-founders

You can’t build a tech company without engineers as co-founders (without significant investment). I can’t stress this enough. Not only are they the people building the actual products your company sells, but with their technical know-how they can be a great sounding board for ideas. …

By Noah Bergbauer

Our new product powered the highlights at Dreamhack Open

If you watched carefully, you might have noticed that DreamHack Open Leipzig 2020 had instant replays directly from the players’ perspectives, not the observer’s. This was powered by the StatsHelix Highlight Wizard, our newest product. The Highlight Wizard uses game data and virtual machines to automate highlight creation in the cloud, capturing every kill directly from each player’s point of view… something that would be impossible with traditional observing.

The first day of the tournament (Friday) didn’t have these clips. Due to unforeseen side effects of a recent CS:GO update by Valve, we had to fundamentally rework…

By Mo Hallaba

Gaming is growing really fast, and with it, the third-party ecosystem

Third-party service providers are common in every developed industry. Take, for example, the restaurant industry — companies like Seamless, GrubHub, and Ritual have stepped in to facilitate discovery, ordering, delivery, and loyalty rewards. In sports, third-parties have been at the forefront of technological advancements in areas like player training, scouting, broadcasting, and more. SMT, a tech company focused on sports, pioneered the yellow first down line, which first featured in a broadcast on September 27th, 1998. The scoreboard on TV broadcasts (yes, even the scoreboard) was another invention by a third-party provider. …

By Moritz Uehling

Apex Legends has 10 different characters to choose from

Like millions of other gaming fans, I’ve been watching a few Twitch streamers in my spare time — my current favorite happens to be Aculite, who’s recently been streaming Apex Legends. One day I was particularly enjoying the stream… until he switched Legends. A few minutes later I found myself browsing YouTube.

What happened? A question came to my mind: did his choice of Legend impact my viewership, and if so, was I the only one that stopped watching? Many streamers get significantly more viewers when streaming one game over another. …

By Morgan West

FlipSid3 Tactics win 1st place at WSOE with their new player, “Speed”

With the departure of Yukeo to Dignitas a week before a major tournament (WSOE), FlipSid3 Tactics’ Rocket League team was left with a very tight window to find a good replacement. They needed to find someone that fit the playstyle they had spent the last few months developing, and quickly. With only days to recruit a new teammate and train for the upcoming event, F3 turned to StatsHelix to assist them in their search.

When Yukeo first joined FlipSid3, Miztik and Kuxir had to significantly change their playstyle to compensate for the hyperactive new rookie. During that…


At StatsHelix, we build innovative software that leverages game data to enhance experiences for players and viewers.

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