Pre-ICO sales, Stattm™ proudly announces bonuses for their early bird customers. Stattm announces its 66% discount on STTM during Pre-ICO Bonus offer starting from the October 11th , 2018. Stattm is promoting the 66% Bonus on Pre-ICO sales for 45 days until the 25th of November 2018,or until the Soft Cap of US $100,000 is raised for Banqeum free exchange, stattm marketplace and further development.

MR.Karwan (CEO, Founder) and MR. Holmes(COO, Founder) have worked with each other on various ventures for over 7 years. Their long-term vision and co-ownership team- building philosophy successfully scaled Stattm Ltd over the last few…

We are happy to announce the publication of Stattm project one pager.

What is the Stattm Project? What are the problems Stattm LTD aims to solve? Who is Stattm team? All the details are here, on one page!

We recommend you take a minute to have a look, and share it with all your friends, family and anyone who may be interested in the idea of Stattm project.

Welcome to the stattm project, Stattm LTD is the idea of making a fair system for worldwide STTM users.

Stattm is a suite of decentralized apps and protocols that together comprise a…

PRE-ICO / Stattm / STTM| Smart Contracts & Collaboration

Hello Friends!

Stattm Team would like to present W12, they will present and make sale’s of STTM Token through our pre-ico stage on their platform in October.

What is W12 ?

W12 is creating a decentralized infrastructure in which parties do not need to trust each other.

The protocol uses block chain technology to ensure the transparency and addressability of transactions, smart contracts and oracles to ensure the control of implementation of the main stages of the roadmap by the project. The W12 solution also includes mechanism for DAO creation and a platform that allows projects to raise funds via Token Sales without initial costs or special technical knowledge.

Welcome to the stattm project

Stattm is a suite of decentralized apps and protocols that together comprise a fully decentralized banking and worldwide marketplace scalability platform, complete with its own stable coin. The Ethereum-based financial technology (STTM) is for use in mainstream digital wallets also a Multi-purpose payment and trading method as a encrypted secure currency..

The major challenge that current cryptocurrency owners face, is the liquidity and ability to use their crypto money in purchasing goods and services. stattm is creating a mobile application (Stattm store) and free exchange (Banqeum).

All of this will be centered around a lifestyle…

Main place to Start invest in STTM toknes try now to create an account, you can submit your KYC To be a perfect and confirmed stattm investor, read the entire ICO site, stattm roadmap, whitepapers, team, telegram group and other sources, we have one month to go to start pre-ico campaign but as it’s now ready and each investor can join private invest (pre-ico) with 66% discounts also there is bonuses, the current STTM token price is 0.30$ and will not be more during sales until Q2–2019. Then stattm value will increase when enter to exchanges, Welcome to the…

in time at 11/july/2018 the main Stattm tokens sales website will be open, dev team from themecompiler has done the specilized zax theme, it’s now ready, easy to use for investors, simple registration and easy investing tool using metamask inside private accounts, the main website is a presentation about stattm core, and some issues will be done next to it’s opening, we are sorry for inconvenience, and the pre ico campaign will be announced later in next month, stattm is a multi Technologies squad will come together to serve your future, it’s the future!

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Stattm development partner Themecompiler is responsible for the main stattm web designs and all the structure included and integrated together. The deal is open Themecompiler is giving away 1 Million STT tokens to anyone who buys a Zax theme. Themecompiler made Zax theme, this theme is a multi-purpose WP theme which has unlimited options and functions. Themecompiler is offering 750 STT tokens as a gift to anyone who buys a Zax theme and also life-time support for wordpress issues. …

Stattm Process Ongoing: Bounty ANNOUNCEMENT Shared

Digital currencies are flooding the market on a daily basis, offered by a wide range of technology and digital platforms. With all these technologies been introduced to the Customer on a daily basis, a vacuum has been left for a platform that’s really professional for cryptocurrency management and trade. This vacuum is exactly what Stattm has been doing an excellent job in filling, providing a platform for the buying, selling and investing in numerous cryptocurrencies.

What Is Stattm?

As a token, Stattm represents instant investment and banking with Ethereum.

Stattm is simply a public…

The Bounty program is the jobs opportunity then it can be called the project of people!

Now you can work for stattm inc.

visit and choose where you can work to get the STT tokens, make sure to have knowledge about the interest plan and the limitations.

Stattm Project planned to deploy a 100m tokens total supply and places 2% for bounty. it explained for each certain department jobs at below.

Our distributed interest plan:
*** Telegram — 6% — = 120k STT Tokens
*** Facebook — 5% — = 100k STT Tokens
*** Twitter — 5% — = 100k STT Tokens
*** Instagram — 5% — = 100k STT Tokens
*** Translation Campaign —…


Instant banking & investing platform based Eth peer to peer value exchange.

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