Status Development Update for 13th — 17th of October

Active Epics

Wallet Redesign & Implementation

Some final touches are being added and remaining bugs squashed. A fully functional wallet remains on track for inclusion in the next release.

Network Switching

This week, work continues on Network Switching. This will allow the Status client to switch between Rinkeby and Ropsten test-networks, permitting further DApp testing for developers using Status. The past few days has seen deployment of the Rinkeby faucet.

Decentralized Push Notifications

The team is making progress in allowing offline push notifications, without compromising decentralization. Issues are being created for each push notification scenario for our Clojure-Team, and our Go-Team continues R&D on push-notification implementation.


Our team has made some great progress on Discover functionality over the past few days, some final tweaks and styling changes are being completed to ensure that Discover is pixel perfect.

Project Management:

Our team working on project management oversees the big picture and aids in the planning, initiation of work and the coordination between teams.


  • Following a wallet call with other members of the team, wallet issues have been updated and updates to the transaction history have been discussed. UI updates for Network Switching have been clarified. Working towards providing more translations and copy for the app has been successful, providing some direction moving forward. A few changes to Zenboard labels have been made to improve future workflow. Finally, testing of Status application in order to determine scope for Discover, Wallet and Network Switching in the 0.9.12 release.


Our Clojure team is the core of our development team, they handle the functionalities of our application and house our largest team of developers.


  • Reviewed pull requests relevant to faucet implementation
  • Reviewed existing code
  • Issued some smaller pull requests
  • Debugging status-go
  • #2063 — Made some progress with JavaScriptCore
  • #2126 — Issued small pull request relevant to Add/Edit network config buttons
  • #2127 — Experimenting with logs from native code on Android


  • Merged 3 pull requests
  • Merged QR code improved data handling
  • #2107 — Fixed and merged amount validation regression
  • #2114 — Fixed issue so confirmation prompt occurs before unsigned transaction deletion
  • #2138 — Finished working on improving iPhone styles, fixes #2078 and #2088
  • #2150 — Extended tap area for sign buttons
  • #2164 — Fixed incorrect address copy/paste parsing
  • #2174 — Added QR code amount support
  • #2179 — Fixed compilation warnings
  • #2196 — Fixed issue when scanning QR code with amount


  • #2117 — Pull request to extend list components to set separator
  • #2125 — Logged new issue: DApp selection
  • #2076, #2078 and #2135 — Continuing on making main Discover screen pixel perfect
  • #2140 — Pull request updating feature flags and enabling push notifications in production build
  • #2146 — Working on creating a uniform colour palette
  • #2183 — Pull request to make Discover main screen and empty main screen pixel perfect
  • #2185 — Investigating bug where send and location messages are shown as plain text and request is shown without text
  • #2190 — Pull request for pixel perfect must haves for ‘Recent statuses’ and ‘popular hashtags’
  • Issue clean up with closed/merged items
  • Discover call to organise issues to improve future workflow


  • #2081 — Styled Discover Popular hashtags for Android
  • #2119 — Started styling Status widget for Android
  • Set up parallel dev between Mac/iPhone and Linux/Android-real
  • Discover call with other members of the team
  • Styling Discover screens to ensure everything is pixel perfect


  • #2096 — Adding a warning to ensure user is aware of using testnet / mainnet
  • #2102 — Added network title to Connect screen
  • #2142 — Fixed an issue in error handling following transaction signing
  • #2153 — Fixed iOS issue where no public key was added if contact was added via QR code
  • #2162 — Investigated no request message being shown in chat when requested from wallet
  • #2182 — Fixed some issues relevant to wallet/UI
  • Following wallet call, fixed some wallet issues and prepared build for testing
  • Added some Wiki documentation for Send Transaction flow


  • Updated and reviewed pull requests
  • Investigated bug with tabs
  • Wallet call with other members of the team
  • Working on must have issues for wallet and submitted a number of pull requests
  • #2132 — Fixed issue where unsigned transactions from one account are shown for another account on the same device
  • #2137 — Finished work on light refactoring of send-transaction to implement must haves for DevCon3
  • #2144 — Begun work on notification informing that when a user is syncing that wallet cannot be used


  • Fixed #2031 where Transaction is sent right after tapping on send button with pull request #2115
  • #2131 — Start work and finished adding timestamp and recipient name to transaction history
  • #2169 — Added ‘time’ in transaction history list
  • #2199 — Fixed bug where ‘[:wallet :send-transaction]’ database path was not being properly cleared
  • Working on better /send preview with inclusion of a link to the transaction details screen
  • Progress towards ensuring Transaction History list is pixel perfect
  • Reworked how and when command send flow previews occur in #2092 branch


  • Fixing issues with command-scopes, issued pull request ready for testing, hoping to merge later
  • #2061 — Working on issue where no Unsigned Transcation screen is shown if sending in a chat with 2 members
  • #2072 — Adding icons for /send and /request commands
  • #2075 — Working on issue where /location command does not retrieving the map
  • #2201 — Fixed some command scopes by removing some redundant values


Our Go-language team handles the forked Go-Ethereum implementation in Status — This is the “backend” of Status that allows you to connect directly to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ivan T:

  • #383 — Deployed Rinkeby faucet
  • Fixed Rinkeby syncing issue in the new release
  • Rinkeby issue with non-sending messages in the new release has been mitigated by adding a couple of geth 1.6.1 Ropsten nodes to the Rinkeby cluster
  • Merged 8 pull requests and added one with fixing timeout tests


  • #396 — Fixed Android crash
  • #401 — Continuing work on refactoring jail, submitted a pull request
  • #402 — Rebased and tested geth 1.7.2
  • Begun work on a draft of Continuous Delivery pipeline for status-go
  • Working on creating a new Jenkins Linux node
  • Investigating why Rinkeby light synchronization with CHT root doesn’t work

Ivan D:

  • #384 — Writing tests and investigating bug where eth.accounts in jail returns array
  • #405 — Working on testing framework


  • Reviewed pending pull requests


  • #344 — Working on ‘no suitable peers available’ issue in tests
  • Investigating temporary influence of CI tests to network as resasion for erratic ‘no suitable peers’ errors.
  • Reviewed and commented on development workflow documentation
  • Begun work on status-go signal documentation
  • Reviewed and tested pull requests #382, #397, #402, #406
  • Issued pull request #410
  • Merged latest ‘develop’ after merge of #402 into ‘bugfix/suitable-peers-344’


  • Issued pull requests for #258, #403 and #412
  • Manager node tests have been stabilized, node manager is now race-free
  • Refactored Node managed and removed explicit works and added a branch of safe getters/setters
  • Rewrote start/stop/restart nodes


  • Making way through status-cluster documentation
  • Clean up of linter_exlude_list.txt
  • Fixed some dupl linter issues
  • #383 — Working on implementation of Rinkeby faucet
  • #388 — Merged a fix for linters’ warnings

Desktop team:

Our desktop team works towards building the Status client on desktop


  • #117 — Running of custom react-native apps with run-ubuntu is repaired
  • Found workaround for JS heap memory allocation errors on bundling of status-reaction JS by react-native’s metro-bundler


  • Found issue with incorrect reading of data via NetExecutor socket, created some tests to cover different cases of data passing
  • Fixed issue with transferring ‘Qt->Js’ data via pipe


  • Working on fixing Picker test failure on CircleCI
  • Updating Picker implementation to not use old Qt Quick controls


Our Design team makes Status beautiful, they provide mockups for discussion and approval on every aspect of the application.


  • Creating mockups for chat
  • Finished UI for chat login
  • Call regarding Discover
  • Warning icon for syncing
  • Updated issues regarding Discover
  • Marketing materials
  • New onboarding


Our QA team handles the testing of the application, works with users reporting bugs, and they are crucial to getting feedback and report bugs to our development team with details.


  • Testing pull requests
  • Testing develop build


  • Testing wallet pull requests
  • Wallet call with other members of the team
  • Testing develop build


  • Added some wallet tests

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