6 Great Reasons Why You Should Be Curating on Social Media

Professional social media marketers have known for years that social media curation can have great benefits for both brands and individuals, yet there seems to be plenty of social media users who don’t understand the benefits.

Social media is large and wide

Here are five benefits that can be gained by sharing interesting content written by others across your social media channels.

Social media curation establishes you as a thought leader

85% of curators say establishing thought leadership is their main objective.

By curating great content, and sharing it on your business or individual social media channels, you are establishing yourself as a thought leader, and encouraging others to follow and interact with you.

Social media curation can help with search engine optimization

When asked how businesses were considered in search rankings, Google’s Matt Cutts recommended that individuals focus on “becoming an authority in your niche.”

Not only is there great benefit in a strategy when you share content, with appropriate hashtags to increase your brand visibility, there is belief that it also helps in Google rankings.

Social media curation helps you stay relevant and frequent

64% of content creators struggle to produce enough quality information to establish an engaged audience.

The frequency in which you post on social media can make or break your strategy and effectiveness. Posting multiple times per day is hard, unless you also lean on content curation as part of your social media strategy.

Social media curation builds loyalty

Content curation shows your audience that you care about the problems they’re facing. You’re taking the time to share information with them that doesn’t just toot your own horn. Consumers feel loyal to brands that have their best interest at heart. — Relevance.

We don’t operate in silos, and consumers know this. They want to see and read all the angles on a topic, not just your brand’s version. Take time to share material that helps back up your direction and knowledge.

Social media curation helps establish influencer relationships

The people who write the content that you are curating will appreciate you sharing parts of it on your social media, assuming you give them proper attribution and a link back to the original article.

This can be done on Twitter by quoting their article, and then including their @ username.

Your competitors are already investing in content curation.

Curata found that 78% of marketers are using at least one brand-wide resource to compile, and annotate links for content curation.

The vast majority of marketers are now curating content and haring it across their social media channels. This means in all likelihood, your competitors are already doing this.

The more they share, the more audience they are building, and the more relevant they are. Do you want to ignore this strategy, and slip behind them? I didn’t think so.


So there are our 6 reasons why you should be using content curation as an important element in your social media strategy. Enjoyed this article? Please consider clicking the love heart icon below.

All the best for your 2017!