“He’s A Homosexual, You Know?”

“He’s a homosexual, you know?”

That’s what a stranger told me about Barack Obama when our conversation turned to American politics. It was the first time I’d heard such a thing since becoming aware of Obama about a decade ago.

“So what if he is?”, I thought to myself, enjoying the cool morning air while sipping my Americano. He sat two tables over from me in the cafe. He from Israel. Me from Canada. Both of us living in Cayo, Belize.

According to him, being homosexual equaled being a traitor to your nation. He later added that he believed Barack Obama to be bisexual rather than homosexual which I found a curious thing to add.

Barack Obama has been accused of a lot; being born in Kenya, being Muslim, being socialist, being leader of ISIS…I’ve heard the media discuss all things but never his sexuality. So I went to Google. Theories, stories and conspiracies regarding his sexuality were mostly published by secondary right-wing media and low-end bloggers.

Say there was some truth to it, there are certainly other politicians and possibly presidents that have explored their sexuality with the same sex. Exploring the topic, I kept asking myself does this matter? How does it affect public policy? Leadership?

The people were ready to accept a black “potentially-Muslim” male president before a white female. Now they’re ready for a white female too. It doesn’t seem they’re ready for homosexuals or bisexuals. And if sexuality was a roadblock to your presidency, would you hide it whether or not it was “right” or “wrong”? Ambition can take you to far away places.

Is Barack Obama a homosexual? Bisexual?

Who cares?

I don’t!