Is This Who I Am?

drink beer wine whiskey
smoke cigars marijuana
eat delicious food from around the world
love living in a city’s downtown
yearn to live among the trees on the prairies
feel like an introvert and a loner
have blue eyes brown hair white skin
crave the companionship of a small loyal group of friends
pine for the love lust of an honest loyal beautiful funny woman
covet the ideals of love marriage fatherhood family
was born Roman Catholic French Canadian country boy
believe in a higher power but no longer identify with religion
desire longer more frequent sessions of romantic passionate sex
don’t care if you’re man woman gay straight 
don’t care if you’re white black yellow mixed 
don’t care if you’re Christian Muslim Jew atheist
play bass guitar for care free creative expression
write as a cathartic release
fantasize of the possibilities of attaining financial freedom
dream of a life without anxiety depression pessimism self-doubt
dream of a life of happiness energy optimism confidence 
constantly think of ways to improve my life
procrastinate from implementing improvements to my life
enjoy how I feel after going to the gym but hate almost everything about it
was in a rock band throughout high school that recorded a demo
was a travelling professional wrestler through college until my late 20’s
lived in a central American third world country
had careers in economic development municipal government hospitality
empethize sympathize feel guilt at a profound sometimes overwhelming level
desperately want to meet someone who understands me accepts me loves me
yearn for a deep connection with a woman who will always stand by my side
yearn for an unconditional love with a woman who I will always stand by
need to know that what I do why I’m here matters to someone somewhere

Is this who I am at a glance?