A primer on stat zero — what are we, what we do, and how we do it?

Our Co-founder and CEO Marquis Cabrera developed a 2020 primer on stat zero, see above.

5 Key Take-Aways / Fun Facts:

  • stat zero is an innovative public sector financing mechanism, not just a fund, and we can fund per use case to de-risk GovTech projects.
  • liquid fish, which developed Kevin Durant’s Boardroom brand, created the stat zero brand.
  • Netscape’s 1st institutional investor was stat zero’s 1st investor.
  • stat zero is focused on the GovTech markets, which is a $400B USD market; however, stat zero’s primary market is the digital transformation startup solutions market. By focusing on this market, stat zero enables tech corporates and systems integrators to win the global digital transformation markets.
  • Our CEO was nominated as European CEO Best FinTech CEO of 2020.

stat zero is a public sector R&D group with an impact fund using social innovation and emerging technology to solves the world’s grand challenges.

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