What happened to Snap Swipe Drawer

It’s a bit late for this but…

Around May of 2017, i decided to sell for the first time one of my Android apps. Snap Swipe Drawer, an app with over 250 000 downloads and a rate of 4.4 on Google Play.

At the time i was focused on another project and i wasn’t able to work on the app as much. So when i received an email from a company saying they were interested in the app, i though that maybe it was better to sell the app and let someone else handle the maintenance.

I took a quick look at their website and it appears that they own a lot of other apps with way more installs than mine. Since i was just looking to get the pressure of maintaining the app off my chest, it didn’t really occurred to investigate further and see how they maintained their apps.

So i sold it, transferred it, done. A few months went by and i decided to go checkout the Google Play page to see the current state of the app after receiving an email from a user saying the app wasn’t available anymore. From the outside it seemed that pretty much nothing had changed with the app. I could no longer install it because it was indeed blocked on some countries now. Also, from the reviews i could see that they’ve added a new caller id feature, probably to monetise the app on the free version.

At this point i start to think how selling your app can actually affect your reputation as a developer. What were the users of Snap Swipe Drawer think when they see a different app of mine? Are they going to think twice before installing it and worry that i might sell it as well to some random developers? When you transfer the app to someone else, you’re not just transferring all the responsibilities of dealing with said app, you need to think how that may affect the users that trusted you by downloading and installing your app.

And that’s it. When i think back it all seemed obvious and i feel a bit embarrassed, but still, i wanted to write this post to let the people that might read this know that in future i won’t consider sell any other app to any company without knowing exactly what are their goals and without verifying that they’re a reputable company. Also if you’re a small indie developer, this may serve as a lesson.