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Her Poor Gasoline Heart

How much can her heart take?

Stephen Kramer Avitabile
4 min readFeb 5, 2023


Photo by Maximilian Meyer on Unsplash

Every last boat belonging to the Fire People’s Southwestern Tribe has set sail, on their way to deliver loads of slaves to the Northeastern Tribes. So, the last group of enslaved Gasoline People must be transported by Hot Air Balloon. Many of the Fire People feel perfectly at home on the 500-foot-long hot air balloon, but Smelvin has always felt uncomfortable on it, despite the fact that he helped to build it.

But right now, this doesn’t faze him. He is entranced by the dancing Gasoline beauty, Daenera. Despite the fact that she and her family are being sold into slavery, they all sing, and she cannot stop dancing. Her positivity is marvelous. Their eyes lock. Smelvin feels a spark.

“Daenera!” Smelvin holds up his pet mourning dove, the one animal that can withstand the flames of the Fire People. “I dove you love you!”

Daenera smiles but everyone else aboard the Hot Air Balloon cracks up with laughter. Smelvin blushes behind his glowing ember cheeks. It sounded great in his head.

Smelvin’s two brothers approach, laughing louder than everyone. Timotheen and Bradz.

“Oh boy, here he goes with another one!” Timotheen screams with laughter.

“He’s going to blow up one more for a hat trick!” Bradz chortles and everyone on the balloon laughs even louder.

Yes, it’s true. Smelvin has fallen in love with two Gasoline Women in the past. In trying to rescue them from the slave trade, he proclaimed his love for them, and attempted the “connecting of hearts” ritual as one does when they wish to marry another. Of course, as much as Smelvin wished his love would allow the ritual to complete, it never resulted in anything other than Smelvin exploding their poor gasoline hearts.

“Why don’t you find yourself a nice Fire Girl?” Timotheen would prod Smelvin.

“Or at the very least, one of those rich girls from the Electric Tribe on the islands.” Bradz would suggest.

It’s true, Fire People can connect hearts with other Fire People, Electric People, and people from a few other tribes. But the Gasoline People were the least compatible. As is evidenced by…



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