Developing Good Habits for Lazybums

An (Almost) Instant Cure for Unproductive Folks

If you are extremely lazy, you won’t even bother to read my article, so here is a quick hack:

Join the Tiny Habits course. Today is Friday, so you probably will manage to do that before the next class starts on Monday.

Do What They Say

According to the course’s creator it takes 12 minutes for the initial lesson and 3 minutes for 5 days (from Monday to Friday). Even the worst lazy bum will do.


The next Friday you will have three new shiny good habits.

How It Really Works

For less-than-extremely lazy — Tiny Habits is a framework for developing new habits. It’s constructed for complete newbies. It’s free. It works.

It’s a crash course not only of the theory of habits, but most importantly, of practicing them.

The requirement for a habit being Tiny is that it takes less than 30 seconds.

Even the laziest person can do 29 seconds of practically anything!

Thanks to the unique course framework, you will internalize its lessons by doing, not by memorizing.

Follow the course to the letter and in 5 days (plus 12-minute introductory lesson) you will learn how to develop good habits.

The next week you can start 3 new habits while maintaining the three you’ve established in the first week.

This Is Indeed the Lazy Way

Contradictory to what you may think, I am not the enthusiast of the Tiny Habits.

When I started developing my good habits, I rarely did it in 30-second spurs. And I didn’t created 3 new habits simultaneously. I started a dozen at once and I kept most of them.

Tiny Habits simply don’t provide the boost of results my way had provided for me.


It is verily the great way for lazy people.

Consistency Is the Key

You see, results in habits development are not nearly as important as consistency. It doesn’t matter if you lifted weights for 2 hours in a row for three consecutive days, if you quit after that. You’d be much better, if you did pushups for 29 seconds every day and never quit on that practice.

The results would have compounded with time, and even more importantly, you would have had a new workout habit.

Habits are ingrained in your brain. You will never get rid of a habit once it is instilled in you.

When I was 15 years old I decided to do pushups every day. My resolve lasted for several months. But when I decided to get back to this habit, it was already there, in my brain. I could start doing pushups the same day I recommitted and did them for several more months. And another time. This “on and off” thing with my daily pushups series lasted for about 12 years before I had committed for good.

Since 2006 I’ve been doing pushups almost every day. In that period I probably missed it less times than you missed brushing your teeth.

Tiny Habits Teaches You Habits

The construction of the habit loop in your brain is identical for 29-second habit and for 1-hour habit. It consists of the trigger, routine and endpoint (so-called ‘reward’).

The Tiny Habits course teaches how to establish a reliable trigger, how to design a routine and how to arrive to the endpoint.

It doesn’t simply lecture you. You will internalize the lesson. The very next week you can attack a huge 15- or 20-minute habit armed with that experience.

‘Lack of knowledge’ or ‘lack of motivation’ is just an excuse when you are clueless. When you absorb the knowledge, put it into practice, internalize it, OWN it, you will be left without excuses.

Try it. DO IT NOW!

Take the course and start developing your good habits.

That will be the first step to your new and better life.

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