Habits that Helped Me to Make Lots of Money

1. Studying.

On the 4th year of my 5-year university studies I finally got a scholarship for being among top 25% of students. The scholarship was very small, if I remember correctly about $50 a month, but it was much needed addition to our finances as I had only odd low paying part-time jobs and the family of four to support.

But that was only a tiny amount of money I got from studying. Because I learned English, basics of SQL and several other IT-related subjects I got my first job in IT and I’ve been working in that industry for over 12 years. My salaries sum up to about $300,000. That was the real reward for studying.

Four years ago I started to learn more about Oracle database administration and got 2 certificates in that field. Partly because of that I got my new job last year and I earn 35% more.

Then I studied other areas and it resulted in more money-making opportunities.

2. Writing.

Also four years ago I decided to become an author. I have little clue about what it takes, but I knew one thing: writers write.

So I wrote.

I have written over 1,200,000 words since September 2013 when I started to track my writing session. Since that month I’ve also been writing every single day. I published 15 books and earned on them about $25,000 up to this point.

3. Paying myself first.

Making money is only half the equation. If you don’t retain them, you may be broke regardless on how much you earn.

The simple rule of setting aside some money as soon as I receive a payment increased my saving ratio from 3–4% to about 20%. My net worth climbed partly because I almost doubled my income in the last 4 years, but I credit to this habit a lot of money on my bank account that would have been wasted otherwise.

If you have no money to spend, you simply don’t spend any.

Decide on a fixed amount or percentage of your income to save. Then, as soon as the money lands in your account, transfer the savings to an account that is not easily available. I do that with every buck I receive. It works.