How do you lose weight when you’re busy?

One picture speaks more than a thousand words. So:

Was I busy? Decide: a marriage, 3 kids, a full time job, a 4-hour commute; a church community member and I also managed to stuff into my schedule computer games, card games and reading a few books a month.

How do you do anything when you’re busy? You focus on your priorities. A busy schedule is not a reason for your excess weight, your habits are. In a nutshell your weight is determined by how much you move, how much you eat and drink.

Guess what? You move, eat and drink your whole life. There is no way to avoid that. You just need to put your attention into how you do it and improve bit by bit.

In my experience, losing weight is 80% about your diet. I was exercising for years and was still gaining pounds, because I couldn’t resist my sweet tooth.

Food Journal

So, the excellent method to pay attention to your diet is by keeping a food journal. Register everything you eat (and drink; soda drinks are more caloric than many foods) in some kind of journal. It can be an app, it can be an old-school journal, it doesn’t matter much.

This activity, when done regularly, will convince your brain that there is something important about it and that it should pay attention to what you consume. I abandoned my food journaling more than two years ago, but my brain is still trained to remember everything I consumed from dawn to dusk.

I now find it difficult to indulge myself in overeating. Eliminating the wrong kind of foods will come naturally if you pay enough attention to your food journaling.

Intermittent Fasting

If you are busy, intermittent fasting may be a good method for you. You don’t have time to eat anyway, don’t you? Just beware of the yo-yo effect, if you decide on fasting, you should decide to keep at it for a long time, not only for the period of shedding fat.

It’s as good a tool of weight loss as it is for weight maintenance. I still have a job and a long commute, but I’ve been maintaining my weight for the last 45 months.


For busy people I recommend HIIT training. It doesn’t take long (it’s so intensive, you just can’t continue) and it improves both endurance and strength. To save even more time, I do only bodyweight exercises. You don’t need any equipment for that and you can do them practically anywhere. In fact I often do a quick HIIT workout (a series of pushups or pullups) in the restroom at the office.

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